Today I went shopping in Majolica Majorca, SM North Edsa branch. After getting a free make-over and deciding on the products I wanted, I decided to add an extra item to avail of the P1,500 promo (I was only missing P10 from my chosen purchases, lol).

So I decided to get the Rouge Majex Lip Gloss (retails for P495) since it had a 20% discount (that would make it P396). When we got to the counter, I was surprised that my total was up to P1900 PLUS. When the girl from MM was doing the computation, it was only P1697.40 (since if your total reached P1,500, you’d get an additional 10% discount).

So I asked why. At first I thought that they didn’t encode the 20% discount for the gloss. The teller told me there was already a discount since the gloss came out for P445. I blinked. She held her hand out for my payment. I computed with my phone and told her that the discount was 20%, so it should be P396–which was backed up by the lady from the Majolica Majorca counter. The cashier made an irritated face, got a calculator and computed. It was funny seeing her face when she realized that I was right.

Apparently their computer only had it encoded for a 10% discount. So the lady from MM had to run up to their office to fix it. BUT. When she came back, the DM only gave another 10% off from the 445, which made it 440. That is not the promised 20% off from the 495 (last time I checked 440 =/= 396). So she went back up and the DM did not want to give 11% off from the 445 (to make it 396) since “siya yung mapapagalitan” (the DM aka the boss would be the one who’d get told off). Seriously? HE’D GET TOLD OFF FOR GIVING THE CORRECT DISCOUNT THE STORE PROMISED?

I was pissed but I didn’t get angry–it really wasn’t the seller’s fault the item was encoded wrongly. She even had a list of the items that had the 20% discount. I just told her that they shouldn’t be doing it this way, since this was false advertising. I wanted to ask if it was a scam, that their other customers just didn’t notice when they were paying, but I decided not to. (“Ganyan ba kayo yumayaman?” [Is that how you get rich?] are the exact words I wanted to say.) The salesperson from Majolica Majorca told me that they won’t be offering the Lip Gloss for discount until the problem with the “computer” is fixed.

And to think I only went there because I thought the mascara and liners were on sale–turns out they weren’t, but I decided to get them anyway since I needed a liner and a decent volumizing mascara (the Maybelline Cat’s Eyes Volum Express made my lashes fall :().

I’m writing this as a warning for all you shoppers.  If the item has a discount, check the amount again at the teller! You can never trust companies.


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