maybe you and i will always need fandom.

I’ve realized that we throw ourselves into fandom when real life emotions become too much to handle. Isn’t it funny how fandom takes a backseat when you’ve got a major crush and you’re dating, or you’re basking in the glow of your boyfriend, family and dogs’ affections?

But when your dogs die or your date decides you aren’t worth pursuing, you pick up what you left, what made you happy before.

And yeah, maybe it’s not as exciting and it’s definitely not reciprocal, at least not on a personal level. But it’s safe. I’m not saying that there isn’t any heartbreak in fandom; quite the opposite, actually. Your favorite band breaks up and doesn’t maintain contact with each other; your favorite character dies; the book series you’ve been following for ten years ends.

But you will always be able to re-watch their shows, listen to their music, read the books over and over and dig up those happy, fond memories. Fandom can always give you those exciting, happy feelings–especially if you know what episode to re-watch, what song to listen to, or what part to read. Β You’ll always be able to spend time with your favorites again.

Something you won’t be able to do with a person who left.


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