Waterproof Mascara Masterpost

Like all kids trying out make-up for the first time, I was instantly drawn to lip gloss. They’re shiny, fit in your pocket and they instantly make anyone look ‘made up’—plus I could wear them in my strict exclusive school.

It was when I was learning what products went where and what they were used for that I began my love affair with The Eyelash Curler and Mascara. As a girl with Asian eyes—small eyes and straight lashes (my lashes are long though, unlike most)—I was amazed at the effect Ms. Lash Curler and Mr. Mascara had on my eyes. I looked awake. And all it took was one minute!

Now, I’ve seen enough movies with women crying and mascara running down their faces. While most of them look gorgeous doing so, I am not a) a movie star, b) made up by a professional so that any unwanted streak would still look gorgeous, c) insane to go around in public or ceremonies where I’d cry and end up looking like a raccoon the rest of the night. Waterproof mascaras are a definite must for a girl like me. Here are my thoughts on the few I’ve tried so far:

Avon Astonishing Lenghts Waterproof Mascara

Product Rating: ♥♥♥

The Good:
– Volumizes
– Lengthens in one coat
– Long lasting
– Does a good job of holding already curled lashes
– Smudge proof
– Very affordable
– Doesn’t wash off

The Bad:
– Hard to remove even with a make-up remover. It comes out smudgy when washed with water
– Clumps

Price: P250 for 10ml

Will I Buy This Again?
It’s a lot cheaper than most brands but it’s staying power, the way it volumized my lashes and the fact that it was water and smudge proof override all the cons. I won’t buy this again though, simply because I found other mascaras I like more than this—granted, they aren’t as cheap. I recommend this to anyone who’d like to get results and still save some money.

The Body Shop Waterproof Mascara

Product Rating: ♥♥

The Good:
– Waterproof
– Helps condition and protect lashes
– Easy to remove (I just wash with cleanser and it’s gone!)
– The top of the wand reaches the inner lashes nicely

The Bad:
– Doesn’t add volume
– Doesn’t add much length
– Clumps
– Doesn’t stay on for 8 hours

Price: P890 for 10ml

Will I Buy This Again?

No. While it fulfills my basic requirement of ‘waterproof’, the other factor I’m looking for is for added volume. I have long lashes but I want the extra drama that curled, thick lashes give. Plus, it’s so expensive and it’s nothing special.

Dior DiorShow Blackout Mascara

Product Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Good:
– Curls, if you apply it right (vertically from roots to tips)
– Volumizing (instant results after just one coat)
– Lengthening (instant results after just one coat)

The Bad:

– Is this really waterproof? I washed my face and I instantly got runny raccoon eyes. Most other waterproof mascara I’ve tried stay on after washing.
– After I got the runny eyes, I removed the product with make-up remover and cleanser. You’ll need a very strong make-up remover for this one, I had a tough battle removing it.

Will I Buy This Again?
This was actually given to me by a friend. I’d guess this would be extremely expensive. I do love it though—it stayed on the whole day, and my lashes were really thick and long. If I was doing doll like make-up, I’d probably be good with a maximum of 3 coats of this. This is also perfect for a night out.

Majolica Majorca Volume Lift Mascara

Product Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Good:
– W Comb for easier application for upper lashes
– Volumizes in just one coat—you don’t need anymore after it, unless you’re going for the false eyelash or doll look
– Lengthens with just one coat
– Curls without the need of an eyelash curler. The curl stays in place too.
– Waterproof

The Bad:

– Hard to remove with make-up remover; very easy to take-off with Majolica Majorca’s Eye Reset Gel though
– It comes on wet, so you have to hold and not blink for a minute for it to dry and not smear on your face.

Price: P895 for 10ml

Will I Buy This?
Definitely!! Ever since I stopped using the Maybelline Hypercurl, this has been my go-to mascara. It’s pretty expensive but you you’re assured of its quality!

Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara

Product Rating: ♥♥

The Good:
– Noticeable length in just one coat
– Contains Vitamin B which strengthens lashes and makes them look softer

The Bad:
– Made my eye itch
– Need mild cleanser/make-up remover to take-off


Will I Buy This Again?

No. It doesn’t have anything I’m looking for in a mascara.

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

Product Rating: ♥♥♥♥

The Good:
– Lengthens instantly. It lengthens really well, just one coat is enough. 2-4 dips in the tube and coats can get you the doll/false lashes length.
– Volumizes. You’ll need at least 3-4 dips in the tube and coats to get a nice effect and probably 4-5 to get the doll like volume (word of warning: if you have long lashes in the first place, your lashes will be extremely scary at this point!) .
– TIP This works really well after applying Body Shop Waterproof Mascara (or any other non volumizing mascara) first. One coat of TBS Waterproof and two coats of this makes lashes proportionally long and thick.
– Easy to apply on the lower lashes
– Wand designed to apply product evenly
– Holds curl for 12 hours (that’s the longest I’ve worn it, anyway)

The Bad:
– Clumps easily
– Not waterproof
– Has a slight tendency to stick to lower lashes when blinking

Price: P725 for 8G

Will I Buy This Again?
Yes. I think the wand makes this clump, so if I use my Maybelline Cat Eyes comb with this, it’ll eradicate the clumping.

Maybelline Volum’Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof

Product Rating: ♥♥♥

The Good:
– Waterproof!
– The comb shaped wand makes it extremely easy to apply to upper and lower lashes
– Does not clump
– Holds up to 8 hours
– Volumizes in a couple of coats
– Curls lashes slightly and holds them
– Doesn’t smudge
– Can be removed by washing with cleanser or using a make-up remover
– The packaging is extremely cute!

The Bad:
– Does not lengthen (but then again it doesn’t promise that)
– IT MADE MY LASHES FALL OUT UPON REMOVAL! Every single time I used it! At first I thought it was just my make-up remover, but when I tried it with my MM Eye Reset Gel, it still did. So I switched to using Majolica Majorca Volume On daily and my eyelashes stayed where they’re supposed to stay.

Price: P499 for 10ml

Will I Buy This Again?
I’d rather keep all my lashes, thanks! I love the wand though, so I’m keeping it. And just because I had a reaction to this doesn’t mean you will–so go and try this out. It’s probably one of the best mascaras out there.


5 thoughts on “Waterproof Mascara Masterpost”

  1. I super loved Maybelline Cat Eyes! As in!!! hahaha I just wash my face at night and wait for it to come off in the morning hahaha bad i know! Pero it’s really cheap e so ok lang 😛 I will try Majorlica next. I just bought Revlon Custom Eyes e 😀 I got convinced pa to buy one of their new lip butters hehehehe


    1. I did din!! I was super sad when I realized hindi ako hiyang with it!! As in I tried using it a bit pa even if I knew it was the reason I had an eyelash on that cotton ball after I took my make-up off :)) Eventually I had to let go 😦 Haha
      Majorlica has a new one, Lash King, I think is the name. They’re marketing it as an all around product–lengthens, volumizes, waterproof. I want to try it, haha.
      Will be waiting for your review on Revlon Custom Eyes 😀


  2. dati when I was still teenager.. no kids yet.. hahaha im so addicted with mascarra.. i dont know what brand I am using before kc gift lng sia ng ate ko.. kahit ano pinapatulan ko ee.. hahah ung na try ko is for 3 days tlga bago sia mawala pero pag pinilit mong tanggalin natatanggal naman kaya lang ubos eyelashes mo.. eye liner na lng gamit ko.. lol


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