It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Aside from the competitive nature of the new Department of Tourism slogan, I find that I really like it. Coupled with Philippine events, destinations and unique cultural aspects, the slogan makes for one fun and witty tourism campaign.

The net has been abuzz making their own posters using the slogan. Here are some of my favorites:

I love the Nat Geo reference.

I’ve never been to Bohol–I’ve actually never been south of Luzon–and the Chocolate Hills is something I’ve wanted to see ever since I was in 2nd grade. The nod to Hershey’s Kisses to stand for Chocolate Hills here is too cute.

Yet another reason to go to Bohol!

Christmas in the Philippines is something else. It starts in September and ends in January. The malls start playing their Christmas jingles on repeat (SM plays Britney and Mariah Christmas songs, Ayala Malls play NSYNC. They’ve been playing the same tracks since I was ten), the air is finally cool, kids sing carols with improvised drums, Starbucks comes out with their Christmas drinks, Christmas decorations are sold on the street, lanterns light up the road and homes, and everything is just festive and cheery. I can not imagine spending multiple Christmases abroad, year after year.

I just found this really funny.

Cheers to this! Plus, we have Tanduay Rum, something all my European friends love.

Where the old meets the new. I always say that the Golden Arches are a sign of civilization (this is usually after long road trips or trips from provinces), and this is a great ironic picture that captures Ye Olde Times with Le Capitalization.

The photographer in me wants to see the Hat Air Balloon Festival. It’s a couple of hours drive but enthusiasts come way early to get good spots.

From a girl who’s had multiple sleepovers with gay guys, this is too true.

from: Buzzfeed.

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So, for you, what’s more fun in the Philippines? πŸ™‚


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