Half Moon Beach: Subic Bay

Half Moon Resort is a public beach in Olongapo / Subic Bay. It is found along the National Highway, and the landmark nearest to it is the Ocean View Resort.

A cottage is Php800 (actually, it was P1200, but we managed to haggle). The entrance fee was around P70 per head. As for the beach itself, the water was beautiful and blue. There wasn’t any trash in sight. The sand may not be white, but it is fine and smooth. They also offer recreational activities like beach volleyball, jet skiing, or a banana boat ride.

As for the facilities, the public stalls leave much to be desired –but they were undergoing maintenance when we visited, so I hope there’ll be more than one working shower next time.

2015 UPDATE:  I only have information (prices, etc) from my personal experience in this place. I’m not affiliated with this place, so I can’t answer your questions.  Please feel free to Google the current rates and other relevant information. Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Half Moon Beach: Subic Bay

  1. I like the photo where the kid is in the sand! So cute! I’ve done it too when I’m in Caramoan– but not as a mermaid! haha…Your post makes me reminisce of my good times in the beach… now, i wanna go to the beach 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. how to get there?..coming from SCTEX?…Im not good at looking for places but i been to Camayan and i know the place..is your resort on the way?


  3. Contact nos.pls for inquiries.. Plan nmin ng mga frends ko n mag nyt swiming sa oceanview dis coming holy thursday April 2,2015 pero nkita nmin mga negative reviews. So we decided n dto nlang s halfmoon.. But i hv no idea for price, entrance,cottage etc. We r 18 pax….


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