Reactions to Google Searches That Lead to This Blog

Today I’m going to take a break from my usual writing and relax with this entry. So, I’ll “discuss” something that I found amusing late last year when I was getting more hits for this blog.

I get the weirdest search hits sometimes. Some of the search terms that have lead people into this site are:

allowing of free taste before buying pasalubong (To which I say: It’s a perfectly logical question, if not a strangely constructed search term, yet I find it really funny. And what crackes me up more is–I actually have an entry that discusses this! HAHA KURIPOT PEOPLE UNITE)
criticism of capitalism in the virgin suicides book (to which I say, READ THE DAMN BOOK AND STOP GOOGLING YOUR BOOK REPORTS)
buod para kay b (To which I say: PICK A COPY UP AT A BOOKSTORE AND COPY THE BACK COVER…and will a tagalog summary really come out on Google?)
what guys really think girl for at sleepovers tumblr (Grammar aside, I have no idea what entry this user clicked. Maybe the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” entry?)
shy couple cartoon (….This had 3 hits. WHAT ENTRY IS THIS EVEN?)
noli me tangere characters pictures (Whatever happened to the good old days where you cut up your elder sister’s textbook for those pictures?)
christian book review mary shelley frankenstein (…I’m not even going to start.)
gays are more fun in the philippines (FUCK YEAH THEY ARE)
this ones different hes honest and sweet the little mermaid (Girl, you’re probably getting all the wrong hits because that quote came from Hercules, not the Little Mermaid. Meg says it to Hades, in defense of Hercules. To which Hades replies, “He’s a guy!” Yep, I’m a Disney nerd. Shut up.)

Thankfully, the other search terms are actually relevant to the site. So, yay traffic from Google + Yahoo + WordPress + Bing + etc!

PS: Hey everyone! My blog has a Facebook page. Please LIKE the page. πŸ™‚ I’ll mainly be using it to spread information about promotions and as a way for you guys to get extra entries on my next contest.


2 thoughts on “Reactions to Google Searches That Lead to This Blog”

    1. WordPress has a statistics button and it shows you the stats of your blog. It includes the clicks per entry per day, the search terms that led people to the blog, which entries were viewed on what day, etc etc. πŸ˜€


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