Product Review: Mary Kay Eye Colors (Amber Blaze, Honey Spice, Cinnabar)

I love neutrals because you can do everything with them. You can transition from day to night, simple to party or elegant all with the amount of product and the kind of finish you put on.

Here’s a palette of neutral eye shadows I’ve put together that I use most of the time:

    • Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Honey Spice, a luminous nude shade
    • Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Amber Blaze, a glittery coppery-amber color
    • Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color  in Cinnabar, a matte brown

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors each come in a small magnetic pan enclosed in a plastic case. Each case is sealed and pocket-sized. The pans can be removed from the case–they’re magnetic so you can put them in the customizable Mary Kay Compacts. The product name and manufacturing date are printed both on the plastic case and underneath the magnetic pan. I find this really useful so you can check if your product is near its date of expiry,  even if you’ve thrown away the plastic container (like I have mine, hehe)

These shades, in particular, are very pigmented. Despite using them almost daily for over six months now, I still have a lot left in the pan (as seen in the picture above). Each eye shadow costs PHP330, which is very steep especially since the product looks small. Don’t let it mislead you though since the make-up is tightly packed and highly pigmented so you’re assured of only needing to use a little to go far. You don’t even need to dampen your brush or eye shadow applicator to get maximum pigmentation.

These eye shadows stay on for at least 6 hours without smudging. The colors are also easy to blend. Overall, this is a quality product that I didn’t regret buying despite the steep price.

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥

Lastly, here’s a picture of the eye colors in action:

The picture above is how I did my eye make-up for my cousin’s wedding using the three Mary Kay eye shadows and Majolica Majorca’s Volume On mascara. Still deciding if I’m going to do a tutorial on that here–stay tuned? 🙂


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