One Day in Tagaytay

Want to travel for the weekend? Planning a quick trip? Tagaytay City is the perfect destination.

People’s Park: Palace in the Sky is one of the most visited tourist spots in the area. I’ve been here twice–once in sixth grade on a field trip, and once in college. Palace in the Sky was built for the official state visit of the former US President Ronald Reagan during the Marcos Era. Sadly, this place is not as beautiful as it once was and is in need of renovations.

This is a picture of Palace in the Sky in the 1980s:

This is a picture of People’s Park (formerly Palace in the Sky) in 2009:

So right now, you’re definitely asking: why the hell should I go there?! Simple. The view is amazing.

And here’s the view on the other side:

And despite the dilapidated palace, the road is still beautiful and clean. It’s great fun to walk up to the palace and the view going up is surrounded by lush greenery.

Do wish they’d fix–or at least repaint their sign though.

Next–where to have lunch? Here are two restaurants that serve Filipino cuisine.

Leslie’s is an open air restaurant famous for their bulalo. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Taal Lake and Volcano right from your seats! Leslie’s also has a quaint tunnel-cave you can go into to enter a small park right next to it. The food here is quite expensive, around PHP500/meal, so it’s a good stop if you’re in a group.

Leslie’s is open from 6:00 am – 12:00 mn everyday. If you don’t feel like getting bitten by mosquitoes or if the price range is too steep, another option is Josephine’s.

Josephine’s looks a lot more high-end than Leslie’s. The restaurant is air conditioned, has a bar in the middle, beautiful hardwood floors, a parking lot manned by a security guard, glass doors and a lovely open air backyard that has a view of the Taal Lake and Volcano. Best bit? The average price is PHP350/meal and the meals are worth your money. Josephine’s has also been the Winner of the Department of Tourism Kalakbay Award for Restaurant of the Year.

View of the Taal Volcano from Josephine’s.

Josephine’s is open on weekends from 7:00 am – 11:00 pm and on weekdays from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm. I liked the food better in this place.

Picnic Grove is a beautiful hill where you can do a lot of recreational activities. As the name suggests, it’s a good place for a picnic… and more! Picnic Grove is one of the most visited tourist sites in Tagaytay. The entrance fee is PHP50/head.

There are tables and benches available if you don’t feel like sitting on the grass. These are free if you don’t have food with you. If you do and plan on eating there, you will have to pay a fee. Barbecue pits are also available.

The rolling hills are a vast expanse where you can run, play games, and eat. Horseback riding is also available for people of all ages. The price is from PHP200-PHP250, depending on the size of the horse, for a one hour ride.  TOURIST TIP! Try haggling! If you’re Caucasian, you might get overcharged.

Lastly, Picnic Grove is also famous for it’s zipline! Sadly, when we went there, their zipline was closed. It’s an exciting thing to try though, so if you’re up for it, go ahead and whiz down the grove!  It’s around PHP200 on weekdays (both ways) and PHP300 on weekends.

Oh and I might have mentioned the Taal Volcano once or twice in this post. Did you know that it is the smallest active volcano in the world? Now you’ve got everything for a great travel adventure–good food, great views and an historical landmark all in a one-day trip!


5 thoughts on “One Day in Tagaytay”

    1. I think Tagaytay is more fun if you’re a kid, because of the horseback riding and all those open spaces where you can run :)) Although ziplining sounds cool and worth a try πŸ˜€ (Not that I’d ever try, since I’m afraid of heights :)) )


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