9 Waves Resort Review


9 Waves Resort, located in San Mateo, Rizal, is one of the more famous vacation resorts in the Philippines. The resort has four different types of accommodations which differ in cost depending on the type of room (Cabana, Country View, Garden View and River View) and number of beds (Twin Sharing, Triple, Quadruple, Quintuple, and Family Sharing). The price range is from PHP3150 (Cabana-Twin) to PHP8350 (River View-Family).

Country View, picture from the 9 Waves Website

Our organization booked Country View and Cabana rooms, both Quintuplet Sharing. The Cabanas are scenic bungalows while Country View is an apartment style complex that overlooks the Cabanas. As far as I remember, those who stayed in the Cabana rooms didn’t have a problem with their facilities. Meanwhile, in the (more expensive) Country View rooms:
In the boys’ room, their bathroom had brown water flowing from the taps. Our room, meanwhile, didn’t have a working flush for the toilet and had a faulty air conditioner. We requested for a change of rooms so they transferred us to different rooms on our second day.

9 Waves is not only a family vacation spot but is also used for team building activities and conferences. Thus, function rooms are available. The conference room is decent enough, with a whiteboard, chairs, and long tables. The building that holds the function rooms are a little ways away from the rooms and pools–they’re nearer the parking lot. The resort can also serve snacks in these rooms upon request.

I believe we booked a package which let us avail of all the facilities, as well as a buffet breakfast. They have a beautiful dining hall with round tables with red table cloths and wooden chairs.

And now to the fun things!

Pictures from 9 Waves website

9 Waves Resort has three different pools–the Wave Pool, which the resort is named after, the Adult Pool and the Kiddie Pool. The pools are open for 24 hours although lifeguards aren’t present at night.

Wave Pool – Water in this pool produces 9 different kinds of waves; it also has a waterfall. They shut the waves off at a certain time in the night.

Adult Pool – This pool is 25m and has a long slide. It looks unsafe, tethered to bamboo sticks, but it’s been there a long time and no one has died or been injured yet, so I guess it is. I didn’t go on it but all my friends did. A Jacuzzi is stationed nearby, as well as a cottage with other recreational activities.

For those who don’t feel like swimming, billiard tables and table tennis are facilities are available in a cabin near the pools.

Cottages with karaoke machines are also available. You can eat and drink in these cottages, as seen above. The karaoke machines are free–the resort supplies you with a 5 peso coin and leave the money slot open so you can reuse the same coin.

For reservations, directions, and other information, here is the 9 Waves website.

Overall rating:  ♥♥♥


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