{Review} Liquid Neutrogena Cleanser

Liquid Neutrogena: Pure Mild Facial Cleanser

This product was the biggest mistake for my face! They were out of Deep Clean Foaming in the two malls (four pharmacies and two groceries) I went to, so I asked the Neutrogena Lady what a good alternative would be. She gave me this, since it’s for normal/sensitive skin.

As with all Neutrogena products, this claims to be hypo-allergenic.

Three days after using this, I’ve never had so many blemishes in my entire life–they’re small, but they’re there, forming a little at a time on my chin, forehead and undereye area. Three have already turned into dark spots on my face. I never had breakouts when I was a teenager and to start now is just absurd. I know it’s not unheard of but it is still annoying and totally avoidable.

It’s a liquid formulation so it doesn’t lather that well. It smells awful, too. On the plus side, it doesn’t dry out skin.

Product Rating: 

Will I buy this product again? No.


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