{Review} Bich Duyen Hotel

Bich Duyen Hotel is situated in a pretty good location. It’s in an alley of similar hostels at the heart of the backpacker district, with lots of restaurants and travel agencies around. The alley screens the noise from the busy main road.

It’s also a 30 minute walk away from Ben Tanh market, the Post Office and City Hall.

The beds are made everyday. The rooms are cleaned daily as well. We got a room with a double bed and a single bed since there were originally going to be three of us on the trip. The double bed is soft and comfortable while the single bed we got in our room is pretty small. I’d recommend getting a room with a double or a queen sized bed, especially if you’re Caucasian. The single bed becomes a bit uncomfortable after a couple of nights–and I’m already a 100 pound, 5’2 Asian girl.

The extra accomodations are great–among them a closet, armchair, hangers, a desk, a flat screen cable TV and a mini refrigerator. The hotel we stayed in in Hong Kong cost twice as much and didn’t even have any of those mentioned ammenities.

The bathroom is clean and well stocked with tissues, packaged soap and toothbrushes. It was pretty hard getting the right temperature for the water though, since it tended to get too hot. A tiny push of the lever to the left got you the same temperature as a push all the way.

The staff is very welcoming and friendly, and they definitely make you feel like you’re at home or with friends.

Oh, and this is something I didn’t see around TripAdvisor when we were doing our hotel checks: You have to leave your shoes on their shoe rack before going upstairs. Nobody’s going to steal them, but it was a weird experience for me since I like keeping my shoes on when I’m not in my house.

You can choose between a breakfast of bread and eggs or bread and jam. They remember your orders too, if you order the same thing enough times. I went for coffee with milk and eggs and bread for 3 days and opted for bread and jam on my last day.

The wi-fi is pretty weak when you’re using your own phone or laptop. We were on the first floor and couldn’t get a good connection. However, the wi-fi works well on the ground floor and breakfast room. There are also a couple of desktops with internet in their lobby that you can use.

All in all, I had a great stay here. Definitely worth more than it’s price. This place is highly recommended πŸ™‚

We paid USD25 per night for our double bed+single bed room and a USD14 airport transfer. You can send the hotel e-mail inquiries at bichduyenhotel@yahoo.com.



8 thoughts on “{Review} Bich Duyen Hotel”

    1. We split it. πŸ˜€ So it was only USD12.50 for each person a night. I was really satisfied with this hostel, since I’ve been in more expensive hotels and they had less facilities and food.


      1. Breakfast (not a buffet, but the food was freshly prepared) was included in the room rate and the wifi was free. The wifi was weak in our rooms though, but strong on the ground floor and they had computers in the lobby for guests to use. Are you planning on going to Viet Nam anytime soon? πŸ™‚


  1. No but I plan on going there one day. I’ve been to Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, HongKong, and Taiwan in SEA still need to visit the Philippines Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma, but no money =( hehehe.

    Hahah yah SEA usually has crappy wifi.


  2. hi, i have just booked this hotel. i tried to search from google map on it’s location, but i can’t see any alley from the map. could you please advise which alley that i should turn in?? any landmark? thank you.


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