{Review} Evergreen Hotel, Hong Kong

Disclaimer: These prices were as of 2010.

Evergreen Hotel is located in Kowloon.


The hotel offers an airport-hotel and hotel-airport transfer. We availed of this so we wouldn’t get lost. It took about fifteen to twenty minutes to get from the airport to the hotel, plus a bit more time since they use a bus and the bus waits for people from different flights.

I paid 1,804.5 HKD (PHP12,631 | USD287) for a two single-bedroom and bathroom for our 6 nights, 7 days stay. That amount is my share of the payment, so our room actually cost 574 USD. The rooms were small and a bit cramped. Right next to the bed was an armchair, a table and a closet. Directly across from that is the bathroom. In the picture, that white wall at the foot of the left bed is already the outer bathroom wall. The bedroom is tiny with no view. Open the window and you will find… WALLS! Haha The beds were okay, pillows were a little flat.

The bathroom has a sink, counter, toilet, shower and a tub. It was clean and basic toiletries were provided.

Aside from the furniture our room also came with a TV. The TV was TINY, with only five channels on, and all in Chinese. NO CABLE 😦 No fridge too.

Some of my friends stayed in the corner room–same beds, same price–and they had so much more space. The layout of their room and some of their appliances were nicer too. Totally unfair, Evergreen Hotel.

The breakfast “buffet” wasn’t that great. It had bread, jam, eggs and such and it did get a bit sickening after six days. My friends and I are cheapos, we kept sneaking food out of the tiny breakfast room. You’re not allowed to, of course. A Chinese family saw me sneaking a sandwich into my sweater pocket… and then they ended up taking the elevator the same time I did. Cue grins from Chinese family and me with a trying to keep a blank face and Paco smirking. It was really funny and embarrassing, ahaha.

The eatery across the street.

The location of the hotel itself was very good. It was near the MTR (Jordan Station) so we got to places with no hassle. A street away is a night market, and a couple of blocks walk brings you to Temple Street, which has a lot of restaurants.  There’s a money changer just near the corner that offers great rates for US dollars. Directly across the hotel is an eatery with really cheap food.

Temple Street

Some things you should take note of: Around the corner, on the way to the MTR in the morning, we always passed three prostitutes hanging in front of a building. One of my friends is half-American and they tried to pull him. And now that morning walk will forever be remembered as that time P. got propositioned by a hooker.

I had an okay stay. I  think we could have found a cheaper place with better accommodations.

Address:  No. 48 Woo Sung Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon


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