{Product Review} Mary Kay Ocean Breeze Weekender Collection

The Ocean Breeze Set Weekender Collection a limited edition set from Mary Kay Philippines released June of 2011. It includes 3 mineral eye shadows, one of which is only available in this collection, one mineral cheek blush and a Mary Kay Mini Compact Skin. The carton case has a picture you can copy for day and night looks using the products. The carton case opens up like this:

As you can see, all the products included in the collection are still individually packaged. Here’s a close-up of how most Mary Kay mineral make-up are packaged:

The front of the case has the name of the product. The ingredients and expiry date are listed on the back.

Mary Kay claims the following for this collection:

This Limited Edition Mineral Eye and Cheek color set combines the goodness and features of two amazing products that will look beautiful, feel natural and provide skin-enhancing benefits to any woman. Its mineral base features oil-absorbing properties, ease of application, and provides intense coverage in just one sweep. Plus, it includes vitamins A, C and E to help protect against wrinkle-causing free radicals. – Mary Kay Philippines

So does it live up to their claims? Let’s see!

First a close-up of the products included in the Weekender Collection:

      • Lemongrass Mineral Eye Color, shimmery yellow-green color

I thought this would be the most pigmented one, since it’s nice and bright. Mary Kay Philippines doesn’t carry a lot of bright colors–most of their shades are suited for work, classic looks and women who don’t like to experiment with color. Lemongrass was actually the least pigmented from this collection and I had to apply several coats to get the color to pop-up.

      • Blue Metal Mineral Eye Color, shimmery navy blue

This is actually quite sheer when applied.

      • Silver Satin Mineral Eye Color (LE, available only in this collection), shimmery dark silver color

This is easy to apply. This is in the middle of being sheer and pigmented, so it’s ideal for layering.

  • Coral Sunrise Mineral Cheek Color

This one surprised me. It was hard to get a decent amount of product on my brush so I thought it wouldn’t be pigmented but when I applied it, I only needed a couple of strokes for my cheeks to pop. But then I was confused again because when I put some on my arm, it took a lot more product for it to show up on my skin–and even then, it doesn’t look like I already put much.

And now, swatches!

I just noticed that Blue Metal is the same color as my veins. Hmm.  Random observation is random, haha. So as I mentioned, the packaging has pictures of how you can use the included colors.

I tried it out, and here’s my result:

Shimmery, glittery, sparkly!! I feel like a Vampire from Twilight, ha!

And finally, here’s the whole collection… on one half of my face. I left the other side unmade so you can see how pigmented the blush and eyeshadows are.

(See? On my face, the blush is really pigmented. But it isn’t on the inside of my arm. Weird.)

Win this collection plus a Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss here! I’ll do a quick review of the Nourishine Lip Gloss tomorrow, then an eye make-up tutorial soon.



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