Cai Be – Vinh Long Tour; Vietnam Day 2 Part 2

After looking at the floating markets in Mekong Delta, we transferred to rowing boats to go through some canals to arrive at a local orchard for lunch. After alighting from the boats, we headed to the restaurant. It was a five minute walk through a lovely garden.

We ate here in Bay Thoi. It was also full of tourists. Our food was included in the tour payment. On the way, we were given a choice of chicken or tofu. I picked chicken.

I was surprised when the food came and it turned out to be a three course meal. We were served macaroni soup for starters.

The rice, veggies and viand followed. I was surprised again because the chicken–it was adobo! Haha! Adobo is a popular dish and cooking process in the Philippines that involves meat marinated in a sauce of vinegar and garlic, browned in oil, and simmered in the marinade. Anyway, the food served was adobo cooked with ginger, so it had more of a ginger flavor than chicken or marinade. It was alright. I’d rather have Philippine-style adobo, though.

Finally, we were served a desert of fruits–rambutan. I don’t know what this is called in English, but this is in the lychee family. I didn’t partake of any because… we have a rambutan tree in our garden and this really isn’t something exciting and foreign to me, haha.

After eating, we were given time to look around, take a bike and cycle around the area, or lie in the hammocks tied to the pillars around the restaurant. It was sweltering and I still didn’t have enough sleep (our flight came it at one in the morning and I was woken up at six-thirty on the same day) from the day before, so I relaxed in the hammock with a book.

Yeah, I was reading a book about Vegas in Vietnam. I MISS VEGAS.

Anyway, after that we took a 1 KM walk to the boat. The boat took us to Vinh Long city where we walked through a wet market.

We literally just walked through, no time to stop and pose for pictures.

I don’t know if we were taken to a more decent market than the norm, because everything was pretty colorful there as compared to the wet markets where I’m from. Also, THEY SOLD SNAKES. I wasn’t able to get a decent picture, but that did surprise me a little. I know that snakes are a delicacy in Vietnam but I didn’t expect there to actually be an aquarium case of snakes sold in the market. Oh, and it didn’t stink in the market we went to. Vietnam, why don’t your raw meat and fish stink?? Haha

Anyway, we walked back to the bus (that suddenly arrived there while we took the water route) and that ended our CAI BE-VINH LONG tour. Oh wait. We stopped over at this fancy rest stop:

That place was so pretty! Had a nice garden and restaurant. I don’t have pictures aside from this because the line to the ladies was extremely long and by the time I was done, we were getting called back to the bus.

Anyway, this tour cost 375,000 VND/pax, inclusive of air conditioned bus, tour guide, boat trips, bicycle, lunch and dessert. I’m sure that the travel agency we got is a bit expensive and there are cheaper ones–I’m sure of this because we passed by the other travel agencies everyday and I’d look at their billboards for the prices of the tours we took. Anyway, for those interested, we took Delta Adventure Tours.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the sunset in VIetnam over Cai Be as taken from the bus:


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