{Giveaway} Bath and Body Giveaway

Hi all! Here’s my latest giveaway! Bath and Body products from For Me! They come in a pretty  pink and white for me packaging:

For this giveaway, you’ll get the chance to win a FOR ME Body Lotion (110 ml) and a FOR ME Shower Gel (110 ml). Here’s a close up:

And a bonus! I’ll also throw in a 50ml bottle of Human Heart Nature’s Balancing Facial Wash:

Here’s how to join:

1.   LIKE the In Midnights Page on Facebook

2.  Follow inmidnightsblog on Twitter

3.  Leave a comment on this entry with your name, twitter handle, e-mail address and anything you want to tell me! 🙂 (Please do not say “more giveaways” or any version of that. There’s no need to be greedy. )

4. Log your entries in the Rafflecopter application on my Facebook page. Since I know what it’s like to want something so bad and I like healthy competition, I’ll give you all a bonus way to earn more entries per day by tweeting about the contest, subscribing to this blog, adding me on lookbook.nu and sharing about the giveaway on Facebook! :)

5.  For entries to qualify, they must follow all the mechanics stated above. Any entrant who skipped a step will be disqualified during the judging period.  Winning entries will be chosen via the Rafflecopter randomizer. Contest runs from March 21-April 18, 2012. 


Name: Anna

Email: Anna@mabantotako.com

Twitter: annadoo

Hi in midnights! Can you do more travel entries?

This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with for me or human heart nature. The author availed of the above products and was not tapped to promote these products in any way.


123 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Bath and Body Giveaway”

    1. Hi Theresa,
      I’ve got giveaways planned for the rest of the year, so no need to worry on that front! 🙂 I’ll try to do nail polish posts soon, thanks for telling me what you’d like to read about! 😀


  1. Gee Ismael
    gee8516 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Hi “In Midnights” I’m a new reader of your blog… I’m looking forward to read interesting articles.. More power to your blog… Thanks for the giveaway! 😀



  2. Name: Carol Ong
    email: rolter2002@gmail.com
    Twitter I.D.: @OngCarolyn
    FB Name: Carol Ong

    Thanks for the giveway. I like your post about “1 day in Macau for under 300 HK” Nice to know you can go to places even under budget. Like to try the famous egg tarts too! Looks soo yummy and it quite big compare to the egg tarts sold here in manila.


    1. Thank you! All it takes is a bit of research and a lot of walking, but it’s worth it to enjoy a new culture without spending a lot. 🙂 And you should definitely go!! They’re the best Egg Tarts I’ve ever had, and Lord Stowe’s isn’t half as good as the one I ate in Macau. 🙂


    1. Hi Joanne! I use different cameras 🙂 Let’s see–on my recent Vietnam trip entries, I used a Canon EOS 40D (dslr), for the Macau Trip I used a Nikon D70s (dslr), and for most of the entries on this blog (makeup, etc), I only use a Sony point-and-shoot. 🙂 Hope that helped!


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  4. name: rosanna concepcion
    twitter: @rodawin
    email: rosebona.concepcion(at)yahoo(dot)com

    nice giveaway..looking forward for more interesting reviews and topics. more power 🙂


  5. Name: Khaiyajc Bucarile
    Email: khayebucarile@gmail.com
    Twitter: khaiyajc_b

    Hi! I like beauty and travel blogs, been reading a lot of blogs and I’m just so happy I found your blog, it’s pretty cool and interesting!!! And hey, I’m a pexer, too. Hope to win! 🙂
    – whatthehey


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  7. Name: Eloesita Valderama
    Twitter handle: @LalaValderama
    E-mail address: atiseolevalderama(at)gmail(dot)com

    Hello inmidnights! well done and congrats.. I’m joining and try my best of luck. Thank you for a nice gveaways! ❤


  8. Name: Weena Paguirigan

    Twitter: @rhian1101

    E-mail: whenrey08_20@yahoo.com

    Hi in Midnights! I’m very much excited for this competition hoping that you will pick my name because I wanted to give your alluring giveaway to my niece who is graduating from highschool..

    With fingers cross…..xoxo…



    FB NAME:Ruby Salazar Papio

    Thank u and more power more giveaway


  10. Name: Mirzi Sarte
    Email: mizi_heatherfield(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Twitter: mizichic

    Hi in midnights! Thank you for the tips and nice review about beauty products 😀 Keep up the good work 😀


  11. Name: Catherine Enolba
    email address: ammeable_kate@yahoo.com
    twitter: ammeable_kate

    Hi in midnights I’m so glad that you have this raffle cause it makes me challenge to enter this kind of raffle coz its really my first time to joined like this..


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