Dinner at SumoSam

Last Sunday, a friend and I had dinner at SumoSam, Trinoma. The restaurant is on the third level. 

SumoSam is a Japanese restaurant famous for it’s Sumo sized servings.

The food is okay; better than some Japanese restaurants around. The food is pretty heavy on rice and MSG though.

I had Meat Kamameshi. It was a rice bowl topped with beef and chicken. The chicken was a little dry and the rice was heavy on soy sauce.

The staff didn’t get my friend’s order right. He ordered Chicken Curry and he was given Pork Katsu Curry. When he told the waiter he didn’t order this, they ‘checked’ and told him that was what he ordered (that was what the waiter told the kitchen). I’d think the customer would know what he ordered, especially since the name of the dish was in English and that the restaurant should admit their mistake instead of insisting that was the customer’s order. He didn’t opt to change the food anymore since he didn’t want to wait.

The salad is drizzled with vinaigrette. It tasted good but my friend was disappointed–he wanted Asian dressing. It makes sense, since we were in a Japanese restaurant.

Since the portions were large, neither of us finished our food. Waste of food, waste of money! D: The first time I ate in SumoSam (Rockwell branch), I didn’t finish my food either. The food here is great for sharing because of the servings.

Budget: Around P300 per meal

Rating: ♥♥1/2  (for the poor service and the food was nothing spectacular)


2 thoughts on “Dinner at SumoSam”

  1. Wow! I was actually thinking on how much is the budget for Sumosam per meal since I hear a lot about it from friends. Thank you for this blog! Will surely visit on one of their stores soon!


  2. yay! I really wanted to try out this kind of trips with my sister.. yet, for now d pa pde. hahaha dami kids sa bahay. walang maiiwan.. busy din si mama. well, do they have branch ba in cebu? I really wanna try out food trips that are unique to me.. hahaha well, cguro this is not the right time yet but for sure, soon. 🙂


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