Thien Hau Pagoda; Vietnam Day 4

In the morning of our last day in Vietnam, we headed to District 5. My friend wanted to see a pagoda and I wanted to go shopping, so we went to District 5. The Thien Hau Pagoda is not a tourist attraction. The taxi drivers didn’t know where it was but my friend was intent on going, so she showed him the Google Map print out.

We ended up driving to District 5  and the driver asked around there for the pagoda.  70,000 VND later, we finally arrived.

The Thien Hau Pagoda is a Chinese Pagoda in District 5, HCM. It’s where the Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists go to pray.

At the entrance. An oven?

Thiên Hậu is a deity of traditional Chinese religion and is worshipped in the seafaring Chinese communities of FujianGuangzhouTaiwan, and Southeast Asia.- Wikipedia

Spiral incense on the roof! The courtyard was pretty small, with some places covered.

I asked Jollan to take this. Looks like I’m in prayer, no? Too bad I’m agnostic.

After visiting this pagoda, we walked to An Dong. It was a pretty long walk. An Dong is this big building for shopping. On the ground floor, they sell food, candy and coffee beans. The next two floors are full of clothes. The prices there are REALLY CHEAP. It’s also really crowded because of the stalls and products. We concluded that it was a wholesale place, and they supply whatever is sold in Ben Tanh and other stalls.

I bought a 160,000 VND sheer blue polo from a nice lady. She asked us how we found out about the place since they don’t really get tourists there (since it was a wholesale place and all) and told me I was getting what I was buying for a really good price. I knew she wasn’t lying because it was an awesome buy–items similar to the top I bought cost 700PHP in the Philippines (around 300,000 VND), and the quality isn’t as good since what we have here is made in China, the land of cheap mass production. So, yeah, AWESOME BUY! I didn’t get to buy anything else since I was trying to save (WHICH I REGRET NOW HAHA).

We went to An Dong 2, which is a better looking mall than the first one. They had a nice grocery, the ground floor was composed of stalls that sold pearls and jewelry, and the floors above sold clothes. The prices were more expensive though. We went back to District 1 to eat lunch at Rat Hue then went to Vincom Center, wherein we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the aircondition. We didn’t plan our last day as well as our others, I admit. We thought we wouldn’t have enough time since our flight was that night but we ended up with a lot more time to spare.


10 thoughts on “Thien Hau Pagoda; Vietnam Day 4

  1. wow, I envy you for travelling in Vietnam.. I’m planning to travel soon with my own money earned and one of the places I’ve been dying to see is Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Your post will really be helpful to me.. 🙂 thanks for sharing..


    1. This trip was also from my earned money while I was working. It was really cheap too, only took away one month’s salary for everything–including ticket. 🙂 Would love to visit Japan and Korea as well. Have fun!


      1. Wow, your sister must make a lot! 🙂 We weren’t able to get the piso seat fares from Cebu Pac, so we had to rely on a 50% off deal–which was still expensive, around P6200. That’s already half my salary. Hehe.

        How did your sister do it? I’d like to go to Korea one day too.


    1. Yes, I know that it’s a place of worship. I just meant that it wasn’t a tourist attraction like some other Temples and Churches are (ie Cao Dai Temple, Notre Dame Basilica, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc). 🙂 On a boat, that sounds interesting! Where are you from? Thanks, the dress was my mom’s, haha!


  2. I like the last two pictures, and I LIKE YOUR DRESS. hahaha.

    vietnam looks like such a nice place to go to, but my dad isn’t a fan of DIY tours. he likes leaving it all up to a travel agency to fix everything. XD


    1. WHY DADDY WHY D: Haha although they both have their pros and cons, DIY tours are better for backpackers–cheaper and more photo opportunities. If it’s a family trip, less stress talaga yung agency–and you learn more. Let’s travel together sometime! Kahit dito lang–I haven’t been outside of Luzon 😀


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