{Book Review} Bobbi Brown MakeUp Manual

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to ProBobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro by Bobbi Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a good basic manual for people who have basic make-up and skin care knowledge. It’s very easy to read and is filled with skin care and make-up tips (with pictures) that are very easy to understand and follow. This is your one stop manual for make-up tool & skin care shopping, to know which brush to use for what part of the face, to know which ingredients to look for in skin care products, to know which formulation of skin care or make-up to use for your skin type. I learned quite a bit from this, and much more than I ever did while working for a beauty company. (Incidentally, that company’s founder is also listed near the end of the book as one of the historical people in the industry).

The book even has interesting tidbits like an historical make-up timeline and a brief summary of the contributions of memorable people in the industry. It amazed me to learn that make-up brands only started coming up because of a lack of products in the market (ie MAC was founded because the founders thought make-up in the market was too shimmery and was bad for photography; Make Up Forever was targeted for make-up artists who do film and television, etc) and each had their own niche–in the beginning, anyway. Now most make-up brands are just distinguished for their quality and price range.

It also has a section on how to be a professional make-up artist, with tips on building your own portfolio and what to do once you have it. There’s even a directory at the end of the book to get you started (limited to the US only).

A few cons are:

This manual is directed toward the Western market. Yes, there are Asian tips for every section BUT the model they used was East Asian. East Asian and South East Asians have very different skin colors, face structure and eye shape. This book sadly lacks tips for South East Asians, although it is a decent enough book for general tips and knowledge.

Undertones. I wish make-up experts would actually explain how to see undertones in a make-up color.

Bronzer heavy. This book is bronzer heavy–although that is what Bobbi Brown is famous for (as she repeatedly states herself in the book)–and again, that is targeted toward Westerners and make-up artists. In SEA, bronzers aren’t a big hit outside of the fashion and make-up industry.

I would definitely recommend this book to beginners and people who are interested in make-up artistry and people who’d like to go into the make-up career path.

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10 thoughts on “{Book Review} Bobbi Brown MakeUp Manual”

  1. wow.. this is a must for me.. i’m currently learning more about makeup. i’m not good in applying makeup since i’m a powder baby.. can I have an ebook please??? I’m really really really interested.. thanks.. πŸ™‚


  2. thanks for this post dear.. been looking for months for a good make up manual.. I currently found my passion for make up and been wanting to do my own make up and be pro someday.. AJA!

    I would definitely grab one β™₯ how much is it?


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