{MakeUp Tutorial} Cat Eyes with Majolica Majorca’s Perfect Automatic Eyeliner

Here’s a sample of Cat Eyes using Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner and Majolica Majorca Volume On Mascara. This was the firs time I ever did cat eyes on myself, so here it is in its camera phone glory:


1. Prep the eye area. If you want to go through a full routine, this would include moisturizing the face, putting eye cream under the eyes, dabbing concealer and setting it with powder. Prep lids with eye primer.

Secret: I didn’t do any of that. Haha! I just put a tiny amount of BB Cream on my eyelids to act as a primer to make my eyeshadow stay on longer.

2. Dab on your selected eyeshadow colors. Do the base color first, all over the eye. Add a slightly darker color at the corners of the eye. You can finish by highilighting the browbone.

3. With the eye closed, start drawing a line with the Majolica Majorca Automatic Liner color of your choiceΒ (I used BL603) from the middle of the eye outward. Stop before you reach the crease.

4. Continue drawing the line on the opposite side, this time towards the inner corner.

5. Place the eyeliner on the outer corner, tilted slightly upwards and draw the wing.

6. Do the same for the other eye.

7. If desired, layer on more coats to get a thicker wing.

8. Line the bottom of the eye. Connect it with the top line / wing line to make the eye look bigger. Make sure the line on the bottom is thinner than the one on the eyelid.

9. Curl lashes and coat withΒ Majolica Majorca’s Volume On Mascara.

And you’re done!

If you found those steps a bit hard to follow, here’s a nifty eyeliner trick:

How to Be a Girl: Cat Eyes By Magic! from The Hairpin on Vimeo.

I wish I knew about that trick when I did my makeup, haha! I remember taking quite awhile to get the thickness I wanted and to make the wings look symmetrical.

Anyway, I’ll post reviews of these products soon.



8 thoughts on “{MakeUp Tutorial} Cat Eyes with Majolica Majorca’s Perfect Automatic Eyeliner”

  1. Thanks for the info, this one will really help me a lot..putting on eye liner is one of my greatest ever frustration..haissst!, I love the way you giving us this instructions!

    keep it coming!!


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