{Product Review} Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

For girls and guys who are new to skin care and makeup, the question Why do we need to use cleansers? What does it do? will no doubt pop-up.

Cleansing is an important part of a skin care ritual especially if you use makeup. Cleansing removes bacteria, makeup, dirt, sweat and oil build-up on your skin. You should cleanse at least once a day with a product that does not strip the skin of its natural oils.

There are different cleansers available for different skin types. For dry skin, oil cleansers work best. A good, affordable oil cleanser I’ve come across is the Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil.

The Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil comes in a 190 ML bottle with pump.  It contains Olive oik, Soybean oil and other natural seed oils that help remove impurities and makeup and an herbal complex that provides soothing and moisturizing effects. The formula also softens skin and prevents dryness after use.

This product is best suitable for people with very dry skin. You can also use this if you have dry-normal skin to help dissolve heavy makeup.

This product removes hard to remove make-up, eye-make-up and dirt that has accumulated throughout the day. It even removes waterproof mascaras–yes, even the ever impossible to remove Majolica Majorca Waterproof Mascara!

The bottle has a nifty lock on the nozzle to prevent accidental wastage.


Use this product with clean, dry hands and face. It doesn’t work as well if you wash your face  before applying the product. Massage the oil onto the face in upward circular motions. Remember to include the neck, under the ear lobes and chin. After massaging the product on the face, wet face to emulsify cleansing oil and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

If using this product to remove mascara, pump some of the product onto your finger. Rub your lashes gently between your finger and thumb to remove the product. Remember not to tug your lashes! Tugging your lashes can cause them to fall out.

I have sensitive skin and so far, I’ve had no reactions to this product. I was even very happy to discover, when I was experimenting, that this can remove Majolica Majorca’s mascaras. A few pumps of this oil, and my makeup is removed and my face feels emulsified. I use my cream cleanser afterwards. With Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing oil, you’ll experience good effects for a very affordable price! The Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil is available at Watsons outlets for only only PHP 199.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Will I Buy This Again: Yes! I love having a cheap alternative to remove eye make-up (I usually use Majolica Majorca’s Eye Reset Gel). Plus, I use this to remove makeup when I’m swatching, so I won’t waste my normal face cleanser. I also use this first to dissolve heavy make-up.


12 thoughts on “{Product Review} Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

  1. I’m a bit fan of natural oils for skin care, and I’ve got very dry skin, so I use a shitload of oils in my regular routine (coconut oil, lavender oil, olive oil, etc). It’s made my skin a million times softer, plumper, and glowing 🙂 Oils are, like you said, also perfect for removing makeup without being harsh, and you can use something as basic as coconut oil to do all of that, depending on your preference 🙂


  2. It’s nice to know that there is a cheap alternative for removing make-up especially for removing mascara. I usually have difficulty removing my mascara. Glad that you have posted this product. Will be trying this product soon. thanks for the post.


  3. well this one pretty perfect to those who wear make ups everyday especially to those who are still looking for better product in removing their make up after a long day of wearing it. I could recommend this to my friends who usually wear make ups everyday.. at least, no need for them to try out other products.. 😉 thanks for this!


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