{Tutorial: Nail Art} Avengers Assemble!

I’m excited for the Avengers movie! Are you? Because of this, I decided to try my hand at nail art. For practice, I asked my seven year old cousin to help me by letting me test it on her. For my first time at nail art, this turned out a lot better than I expected, so now I’m hoping that when I do it on my own nails, it’ll look at least half as decent, haha!

Someone requested for a nail art tutorial, so I might as well do this one.

Anyway, here’s what I used:

  • Nail Art Pen in Black (Php60)
  • Nail Art Pen in White (Php60)
  • Nail Art Pen in Red (Php60)

  • Base Coat
  • Nail Enamel in these colors:
  • Flesh / Beige (I used ‘Knockout’ in Chic, Php28)
  • White (I used ‘White Satin’ from Caronia, Php25)
  • Silvery White or Frosted White (I used ‘White Rose Frosted’ from Caronia, Php25)
  • Red (I used ‘Desire Frosted’ from Caronia, Php25)
  • Blue (I used ‘Blue Splash’ from Elianto, Php99)
  • Gold (I didn’t have one, so we used a glittery gold color. I recommend using solid Gold or frosted Yellow though, this didn’t work that well). 
1. Prep all nails with the base coat. Let dry.
2. Decide if you’d like to do just the heads, the bodies, or both. I did both. Choose your characters. I decided to copy mine from the internet–Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man and the Marvel Logo (they aren’t from the same group/timeline of Avengers, but they’re all Avengers so xD). I’d have done the Hulk, but I didn’t have green polish.
3. Once you have your template, set about to copy it as best as you can. I used scotch tape to cover some parts of the nails to avoid getting polish on them and to get an even line.
4. I painted the main colors for the bodies–blue for Captain America, red for Spiderman and Iron Man, black for Thor. Let it dry.
5. Then the details! Using the nail art pens, I drew spots for Thor’s costume. Since I didn’t have Gold, I used Etude House’s Matte Nail Polish for Thor’s belt. After that was dry, I used the black nail art pen to draw the ‘T’.
6. I used the nail art pens to draw a spider for Spiderman’s body and the details for Iron Man’s costume.
7. I removed the tape I placed on the lower part of Capt. America’s body.  This left me with a nice straight line. I used White Satin over the unpainted part of the costume. Once it was dry, I used the red nail art pen to draw lines on the white part. I drew a star using a white nail art pen on the blue space.
8. Now for the heads! Like before, start with your base colors. I used the beige colors for Thor and Captain America and Red for Spiderman and Iron Man.
9. Once those were dry, I moved on to the secondary colors. I painted a frosted white on the top part of Thor. I used silvery Gold (not seen here, sadly) in the middle of Iron Man’s helmet. Blue for the top part of Captain America’s face.
10. Details! I used a black nail art pen to draw Spiderman’s webbed mask and a white nail art pen for his eyes. I used the black nail art pen to outline Captain America’s mask and Iron Man and Thor’s helmets, white for the ‘A’ on  Capt. America’s mask. Finally I used the black the art pen to draw the eyes.  Let dry.
11. Top with base coat or quick dry to make polish last longer. Voila! 😀

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