{Book Review} Sweet Lyric by Lisa Marie Davis

Sweet Lyric
by Lisa Marie Davis

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So I picked this up because I wanted a no brainer read. I didn’t realize this would be one of the mushiest things I’ve ever read, with said mushiness repeating itself over and over and over in the same way. Yes, we get that you fell in love at first sight, however preposterous that is. WE GET IT, there’s no need to repeat the fact every ten pages!! It was okay the first thirty pages, but come page sixty it was just, “ARGH THERE ARE PROBABLY TWENTY PAGES OF THIS SAME DECLARATION ALREADY, ARE YOU WASTING PAGES OR ARE YOU JUST PULLING UP YOUR WORD COUNT?!”

I think it would’ve been better if the two protagonists didn’t confess to having feelings for each other within five minutes of meeting each other. Just,what the hell. Lust is one thing, but love? Ha!

My favorite was Isaac, the antagonist though. The whole plotline with him was a noontime romance drama, IT WAS AWESOME. You know, in that trashy, guilty pleasure kind of way. 😀

Despite mentioning being in love and being hurt over Lyric’s family’s betrayal over and over, I think it would’ve been better if those were actually shown (ie hurt during the scene where his mother comes) instead of expressing them as afterthoughts. And does this have a sequel? The brother’s story is practically screaming “I am a set-up for the next book!!”


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