The Avengers have Assembled… and have Upstaged.

Last April 25, I attended the special screening of the Avengers in 3D held by Upstagers Manila in Resorts World.

Upstagers Manila is a fledgling show buying group. Their focus is more on theater productions in the hope that more people will “support and appreciate various entertainment forms, not only as a source of enjoyment but also an effective medium of social awareness.” The Avengers Special Screening is only their third event and based on my professional experience with events, this had a pretty good turnout (85% of the theater was full). Not bad for a new group!

The invite was for 7:20 PM. The doors to the theater opened around 7:50. There was a quick introduction of the Upstagers and the event at around 8 by Vian Seranilla of Upstagers Manila and DJ Rico Robles. They also sponsored a raffle for a table in Republiq with consumable drinks for one lucky winner and we all received a bag of little trinkets care of The Blounge, Liliy’s Peanut Butter, Katinko and Pill Footwear. And then the movie started! 😀

The Avengers movie was awesome. I didn’t expect the movie to be in 3D though, and the seat I was given was really close to the screen so it was a bit headache inducing. The movie was so good though, damn the headache! Haha! Loved all the fight scenes and explosions and the humor was A+. And all the eye candy didn’t hurt 😉 Hawkeye has a ton of sex appeal.

The Avengers special screening was also attended by celebrities like Camille Pratts, the Magalona family, and some of the Pinoy Big Brother Teens (Season 2? Not sure, I didn’t watch any PBB shows after the first ones…) and Sam Concepcion. After the movie, that theater had to be the one with the most Resorts World Cinema staff–more than any other theater I’ve come out of in my life, there were around 8-10 staff inside–,all standing, just looking at the people exiting and squealing when the celebrities came out. It was a bit amusing, haha! Here be pictures!

Me with Ivan Dorschner (again. haha)

  with Sam Concepcion and the PBB Teens.

nikki tiu
with Nikki Tiu of askmewhats. Finally got to meet her after a year of communicating through e-mails! 🙂

Cammille Pratts has been Upstaged! 😮

With 3/4 of Upstagers Manila: Vian, me, Jollan and Denise (also of Unicornsdream).

I also attended their afterparty at Republiq. We enjoyed a prime booth–two tables, spacious booth, consumable drinks.

With 2/4 of Upstagers Manila–Jollan and Maica

With Chris Baclig of Kaba Modern Legacy, who we met that night.

More pics of our booth:

The Avengers movie was awesome, getting to be in the same table with & getting to talk to Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Boy’ guy was even more awesome. :Db Thanks again to Upstagers Manila for inviting me to their event!

Upstagers Manila’s next shows are Rock of Ages starring Mig Ayesa in June and God of Carnage starring Lea Salonga in July. You can tweet them @UpstagersManila or e-mail them at for more info.

Cheers! 🙂


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