May Giveaway Update

Ready for next month’s giveaway? šŸ˜€ BUT FIRST! A few points, since I noticed a lot of things based on the last three giveaways I’ve done.

  • No more Rafflecopter. I will use this program in the future if a partner asks for me to do so, but not for my own giveaways. I’ve seen a lot of people try to bypass the rules on giveaways by 1) entering even if they haven’t fulfilled the requirements, 2) submitting duplicate links for different categories OR sending the same link on different days.
  • Some bloggers usually delete the incorrect entries and don’t tell you about it, but I don’t think that’s fair. People will keep coming back and submit their entries daily without knowing that they actually have no chances of winning because the bloggers delete their entries and don’t tell them about it. It’s not fair for the readers. So,Ā I have reminded everyone repeatedly to look at the rules and please follow them, so there’s no excuse for not doing as the rules say. I’ve also been open that I deleted the entries of those who submitted entries but didn’t actually do the required things to earn them. Please think that it’s very unfair for those who submit correct entries every day and that cheating wastes your time and mine.
  • Please don’t ask for “more giveaways!”Ā I will hold giveaways and pay for the shipping when my money allows for it (and frankly, I don’t make a lot as a lowly Freelance Graphic Artist). I hold giveaways because I want to share products and things with you all, but please don’t demand them from me.
Okay? šŸ™‚ Okay! The giveaway post with the new mechanics will be up tomorrow. Until then, mes amis!

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