{Make Up Tutorial} Nude & Bronzed

Bronzer adds an instant pop of bright color. It works best when the skin looks natural and works on most skin tones. It looks best when applied lightly to all the spots where the sun naturally shines (the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin).

Aside from adding color to your face, bronzers can also correct too-light foundation or red skin. This is a product that’s not that famous in the Philippines (with the mass’ aversion to getting darker and their need to look “white”) so I thought I’d post a look about it.

TIP: Remember to choose a bronzer shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin. Don’t go too dark. It’s a very common mistake for Filipino make-up newbies (and some salesladies, sad to say)  to look like floating heads in their effort to look whiter, and using a bronzer that’s more than two shades darker than your skin will have the same effect in the other end of the color spectrum.


1. Protect and moisturize! Apply a sunscreen and moisturizer or opt for a moisturizer with SPF. I used Celeteque Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15.

2. Conceal discolorations. I used e.l.f.’s Studio Corrective Concealer to brighten my under-eye area and hide my eyebags.

3. Next, even out skin tone. I used Colour Collection’s BB Cream to even out my skin tone and act as a primer. This leaves my skin with a natural looking dewy finish.

4. I’m not fond of dewy finishes, so I used a very light dusting of Majolica Majorca’s Pressed Pore Cover SPF 18 in B010 to make it matte.

5. I colored in my brows with Mary Kay’s Mineral Eye Color in Cinnabar using a thin angled eyebrow brush.

6. Curl lashes. Apply mascara. I used Majolica Majorca’s Volume On Mascara.

7. Use eyeshadow in the same color tone. I used a color from the NYX 112 Colors palette.

8. Apply bronzer. Using an angled brush, I applied a light dusting of Mary Kay’s Dessert Sun on my cheeks, starting on the apples. Using a powder brush, I a added an even lighter dusting of bronzer on my nose, chin and forehead. I finished off by putting some on the neck area.

9. Finally, use lip balm to make lipstick last longer. Layer over with nude lipstick. I used Blistex Lip Balm in Strawberry Banana and two swipes of NYX Round Lipstick in Echo.

Sunkissed and ready for the beach!


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