{Product Review} Garnier Nutrisse Cream Review

The problem with having your hair colored is that you can never go back. Well, okay, that’s a bit dramatic because technically you can–you can wait it out, until your roots grow long enough for the artificial color to be chopped off. It’ll give you years of having Jeje!hair, as one of my friends call it. Or you can dye your hair over with its original color and grow it out.

But once you do get your hair colored, you would want to keep it a single color and not have your roots show because it looks unkempt. Unfortunately, I am pretty lazy so I sported Jeje!hair for quite a bit before I got off my butt and tried my hand at a home coloring kit.

Two tone hair, badly in need of a make-over! Luckily, there are a lot of inexpensive home coloring options nowadays. I was choosing between Garnier and Kolours (a local brand manufactured by Splash Corp.). Both brands were decently priced, packaged well and had great looking hair colors on their boxes. Kolours, as an Asian brand, had their formula made specifically for Asian hair and it was the main reason they made it in my final choices. I ended up going with Garnier based on the fact that the brand is made by the L’Oreal Group, and the company started out and are succesful with hair colourants. I was also a bit iffy about trying a locally made product, since I tend to break out with locally made products (like ph Care and Splash skin care products).

After much staring, I finally went with Macadiama 53, a medium golden brown color.

I honestly wanted something lighter or more reddish, but there wasn’t any available in the grocery I bought this from and beggars can’t be choosers (my mom was paying, haha) so I picked the lightest shade available instead.

Why did I want a lighter color? Because dark hair (black hair in particular) is quite resistant to color change. When I first got my hair done, the red shade I chose wasn’t quite as vibrant as I wanted it to be. It also faded quickly. Two days after application (got it done in a salon), it had faded into a blondish-brown (see first picture in this entry) color instead of the initial red.

My first foray into getting my hair colored. The red hair I wanted only lasted for two days 😦

So instead of spending a crazy amount of money, I thought I’d be practical and try dyeing my hair at home.

ALWAYS do a skin patch test. This will let you know if you are allergic or will get reactions from the product. Each hair dye has their own specific instructions on which product to use when you do the skin patch test. For Garnier, you have to patch the product in the tube (the hair colourant) to the area behind your ear.

I didn’t experience any irritation, itching or redness during my 48 hour skin patch test, so I proceeded to use the dye.

This is very easy to do, even by yourself! First, you have to empty the contents of the tube into the bottle. Shake well! Then apply it on your hair by squeezing the bottle and massaging the product on your hair from root to tip. I used a Bigen Speedy brush to help. I applied the product on the brush and ran it through my locks repeatedly. I did this until the product ran out. Then I massaged my hair gently and let it sit for 40 minutes. I was pretty nervous–I wondered if the color would show (because it didn’t seem like it when I was applying by the instructions, and it only started applying well once I used the Speedy brush) and if I got all my hair lathered with enough color (I have really thick hair. The first time I got my hair colored, the stylist told me he had to use two bottles of dye–and my hair was shorter at that time!).

The box says 25 minutes but it recommends 35 if your hair is resistant to color. I did an extra five minutes to make sure it stayed on.

What I liked about the Garnier Nutrisse Cream, aside from its easy application process, was the fact that it didn’t itch and sting. When I first got my hair colored in a salon, it itched and stung like crazy the whole hour it was on. I was worried then, and told the stylist about it but he insisted it was natural for it to do so. Now I know that’s not the case.

After forty minutes, I rinsed the product off my hair until the water ran clear. Then, as instructed, I used the whole bottle of Garnier Nutrisse After Color Conditioner on my hair. I wrapped my hair up in a towel to dry. There wasn’t any leftover color residue on the towel when I dried my hair. That’s great because I saw some reviews that said the color wouldn’t stay put and kept transferring to towels even after two days–it wasn’t the case with my hair or this particular dye color.

Here is the finished result, some three hours after my hair dried.

There is however, a very strong lingering scent of dye that permeates long after you’ve used the product. It is veryΒ strong and annoying. I couldn’t even wash over it with shampoo because it isn’t recommended to shampoo at least two days after dying to make the color settle and last longer (they never tell you this on the instruction manuals though). I just used my Pantene ColorΒ Preserve Β Volume Conditioner on my hair.

Here it is on Day 3:

Product Rating: β™₯β™₯β™₯

Overall, this is a pretty good product for its price. I’ll update you guys on how long the color lasts!


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