{Event} Multiply Shopping Party 2011

Well, this is extremely late. Haha! The Multiply Shopping Party was on October 18, 2011. I actually didn’t want to write this after the event happened, mostly because I was a bit disappointed with it. From the name itself, “Shopping Party“, I thought there was shopping to be done. Unfortunately, Multiply only launched their new shopping cart option and we were not allowed to do any actual shopping–and they had all those sponsors and shops there, with their goods on display too! I’m pretty sure they lost a lot of impulse buys there.

The event started late. Good thing there was a lot of finger food going around, and even some drinks. πŸ˜€ The event was hosted by Bianca Valerio.

There was a fashion show. That part was lovely, since I loved looking at the dresses… and the good-looking models.

During the program, Multiply gave out several prizes. Some were raffle prizes, some were chosen. Like “Most Fashionable” went to Laureen Uy, for wearing an f(x) inspired outfit!

After the fashion show, Multiply President gave a speech. And then people mingled, ate, gave out flyers, etc. No shopping was allowed. They did have computer kiosks there where you could try the shopping cart option, but everybody was discouraged from buying while they were at the party.

It was a shame, because I was so ready to buy this camera shaped USB while I was there. Of course, when I got home, I didn’t buy it online since I didn’t need it.

During their event promotions, the marketing staff kept posting their goody bags online. It was quite disappointing to get the bag and realize that not everything they posted on their facebook website was in the bag. Unlike most events I’ve gone too, where the goodybags are all equal–they all have the same items from the sponsors–the Multiply goody bags didn’t. They had the standard Multiply freebies (pen, notebook, t-shirt), lots of flyers, some items from BDO, and one freebie from a sponsor. I was looking forward to get the cute freebies they posted. Oh well.


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