Rock of Ages

I love musicals. One of the loudest titles right now is Rock of Ages—mainly because of the movie adaptation showing in theaters. The musical uses several famous rock and roll songs to fit the story of aspiring rocker Drew and waitress-slash-struggling-actress-slash-dancer Sherrie. I know a lot of you will watch or have watched the movie—but there are differences between the movie and the original version—some parts of the plot were toned down for general viewership and the ending was altered in the movie.

Catch ROCK OFAGES as it was originally meant to be shown. There are several shows ongoing now in the Philippines, starring Mig Ayesa (of Rockstar INXS fame), Vina Morales and Nyoy Volante. For my Kpop fan readers, Onew (of SHINee) starred in this musical in Korea. That’s a good enough reason to watch!

I’ll be watching Rock of Ages brought by UpstagersManila on June 23, 2012 at the RCBC Theater. Contact them for details and ticket prices. Hope to see you there!


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