{Book Review} Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs by Joan Sinclair

Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs
by Joan Sinclair, James Farrer
Rating: 4/5

Interesting. I’ve always been interested in Japanese culture, fueled by watching anime during my formative years, and more by the people I met during college (my org catered to foreign students specifically, taking them on tours around the country, teaching them English, etc) and random things my friends and I would find on the internet. Once, a friend and I stumbled on pictures of themed Love Hotels in Japan and were amazed at the intricate and detailed rooms–Hello Kitty themed, Christmas themed, S&M, one that looked like the inside compartment of a train, a burning room, a hospital–the list is endless. Then, during our Japanese boyband phase, we somehow stumbled on the concept of host clubs–and being curious people by nature, we looked up articles and videos, immensely fascinated by the “we sell fantasies, not sex.” concept of the club. Pay a few thousand yen for drinks, and you’ve practically got a boyfriend waiting on you hand and foot! We even made a paper for host clubs and feminism in pop culture class, such was our interest with the Japanese and their contemporary culture.

This book offers photographs of Japan’s sex industry. While most of the information in this book are easily accessible online–indeed, there is actually more detailed information online than in this book, it’s still a great introduction to the Japanese sex industry and their culture in regards to the trade. The photographs weren’t amazing–I’ve seen better compositions–but with the photographers limited time and lighting, I’d say she did the best she could–and they turned out good.


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