Airbrush Make-Up Trial :)

I’ve always been curious about Airbrush make-up but have never tried it. So when a make-up artist acquaintance of mine was looking for people to practice her airbrush skills on,  I jumped at the chance.

Our first trial took about two hours. The second look took about fifty minutes. Here is the result of the second experiment:



What was airbrushed:

Foundation, contour, eyeshadow, eyebrows. In short, everything except mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. COOL, YES?


What I loved :
about the process: It’s very non-invasive and more hygenic than traditional make-up. The make-up artist doesn’t have to touch your face at all with his/her hands.

in general: It feels very light on the skin! I’ve put on liquid foundation alone that felt heavier. Personally, I prefer this–I don’t feel like I have that much gunk on my face at all. And the staying power is superb.


If you’ve got big events, this would be the ideal make-up to use. 🙂 You can contact Kris Bacani ( for inquiries.


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