[Book Review] The Captain’s Verses – Pablo Neruda

The Captain's VersesThe Captain’s Verses by Pablo Neruda

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adored this. The book is a collection of Pablo Neruda’s poetry divided into the following sections: Love, Desire, The Furies, Lives.

It’s getting 4/5 because I thought Lives wasn’t as engaging as the other parts–and by The Furies the recurring theme of using the sea and body parts in imagery was getting tiresome.

While writing up this review, I saw that these poems were actually penned by Neduda while he was exiled on an island–and that these were for his lover, Matilde Urrutia. Considering the soul-baring emotions that these poems showcased–just, wow.

Your Laughter [Under ‘Love’] UGH MY HEART. It’s authors like him that make you want to be in love.
If You Forget Me [Under ‘The Furies’] You know that feeling where your breath literally gets taken away because of something so beautiful or wonderful? I felt that with this.
The Question [Under ‘The Furies’] This gave me so much feelings. I miss Lit class, would have loved to dissect this.

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