Birthday Celebration at Fiamma!

I originally wanted to bring in my 23rd birthday quietly since I haven’t been doing well financially this year–I was just going to watch the Ruroni Kenshin Live Action movie with friends for my birthday, but as SM moved the play date to December, I suddenly didn’t have any plans. So imagine my surprise when I got a message from one of the promoters of Fiamma, offering to host my birthday celebration.

After thinking about it for a day (my friends and I are more of a ‘drink in someone’s house and talk’ kind of group), I decided to accept. Time to do something different, right?

We got an easily accessible table with a couch near the bar.

I am going to take a break from this picture spam to tell you that Fiamma’s fries are awesome. They were fresh and spicy and the dip was good. The spicyness will make you reach for your drink, sooner or later, which is great if you need a push to get drinking 😉  We also had pizza–but the fries man, THE FRIES.

It was also Puma Social Saturdays that night, so we checked out the Foosball and Beer Pong activities on the second floor. 😀

My friends bought me this divine chocolate cake (and a blowjob). The chocolate cake was so rich and ugh it was amazing. I loved it.

Look at all those glasses.

I had a lot of fun–and I hope my friends did too! 🙂 Thank you, Mikko and Fiamma for making all this possible! And thank you to my friends, for celebrating with me (and for the gifts & cake & shots)!! It means a lot to me that you came, despite your busy schedules and even if the place isn’t near your houses (this goes for last year, too!). 🙂 Great way to bring in 23!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration at Fiamma!

    1. Hi Khreane! It depends–the shots around P300, cocktails around P200 and up, beer is around P100, whole bottles are around P1500 and up. This is just from what I remember when I looked at their menu, I didn’t really order any drinks that night. (Took advantage of the open bar 🙂 )


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