National Bookstore Warehouse Sale Haul

Here is my National Book Store Warehouse Sale haul today! Three hard covers,one pocketbook, four journals, a pack of Christmas cards, four packs of patterned scrapbook paper with stickers, two chipboard albums, three rolls of magnetic tape (I’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest D:), four magnets and craft scissors and a..roller? all for Php 1,1015!! πŸ˜€

Still the best “bookstore” to get affordable craft and office supplies from, yay!

My legs hurt but the pain is worth it? Hahaha

If Angelica, my 7 year old cousin, wasn’t afraid of getting lost, I’d have gotten more books (I wasn’t able to look around for fiction books :()

I told her, ‘Angelica, if you get lost, just scream’.And she was like, ‘But what will I scream? Wait, I’ll just hold you’ *GRABS MY DRESS AND BARELY LETS GO* ,but if she wasn’t afraid, I’d exceed the budget I set for myself, so it was a good thing in the end.

It was hard to navigate a cart around the extremely long lines to look for good books and keep track of a seven year old who insisted on holding your dress and crawling on the floor to look at the Ironman comics (and try to put everything that caught her fancy in the cart), but we made it. Top basket of our cart was for me, bottom basket for her (her items are not included in the photo)–then we stayed in line for almost two hours *__* Thanks Tito Chito for bringing us!


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