Easy DIY Ring Box

I’m a pack rat, I admit, but if I can recycle the packages my things come in, I feel great. I also like my accessories separated–my bangles are all together in one place, my necklaces are stored in boxes, my earrings are all together, and I just figured out how to put all my rings in one easy-to-view place (and not hidden in their separate boxes).

Here’s a super-duper easy DIY box you can use to store your rings.


All you need is

  • a necklace or a necklace/earring set box with the foam still inside. It must not be an earring or ring box, because that box will only fit one item. You want one where you can view your lovely ring collection in one glance. Try to use a box that can fit your rings comfortably.
  • Scissors / Cutter / Any cutting tool


  1. Just snip/cut through the foam to fit the rings snugly. I used a square box (this box originally held an earring and necklace set that came from Macy’s) that’ll fit nine rings. I’m not much of a ring person, as seen here–if I remember correctly, I only bought one of the six displayed here… and I’m sure I lost a couple of rings since I take them off when I wash my hands when I’m out. Once I was so mesmerized by Georgina Wilson washing her hands next to me at Opus that I completely forgot about my favorite ring until after I left the club. And the Tweety ring was a gift from my sister when I was ten. Haha).
  2. Insert your rings!
  3. (Optional) To keep the dust away, just put the cover back on.

Easy, effective, and you’d probably have thought of it yourself, I know. But still thought I’d share anyway, since it was cool 😀

And if you manage to fill up your box, you can always recycle more!

(And if someone from Opus Restaurant and Lounge happens to chance upon this entry, if you still have my ring–left during the Maven Magazine Launch Party in 2011, can I go there and get it back? Hahaha)


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