[DIY] Easy Tattoo Stockings (Dong Bang Shin Ki Stockings)

So I’ve been quite productive because of Pinterest lately and I’ve branched out from crafts to refashioning a few items. I even used a sewing machine the other day, and I haven’t touched one of those in six years! GASP. Anyway, one of the things I’ve done (and plan to continue to do) is design my own stockings.

I kept seeing these cool designs on stockings / tights and I didn’t know where to get them (or if I did, the shipping fees would be outrageous).  So I searched for a DIY, and ta-da! I found three ways to design my own stockings without sewing, but the one I used is the cheapest and most accessible of the lot, I believe.

One of the tutorials uses acrylic paint which is pretty costly where I’m from and you have to paint the stockings back to back so it’ll take quite a bit of time; the other tutorial used fabric paint, which I do not know where to get in my lovely third world country. So I used this tutorial with some tiny variations. It’s simple, easy, and chances are, you already have everything on the list.

The supplies basically consist of:

  • Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Stockings / Tights

I used stockings I’ve had since I was a senior in high school. We had to wear them every Monday since our uniform on that day included heels (“to prepare us for the working world” HA! Little did they know that our generation would be overrun by BPOs and Call Centers and practically no dress code is needed for working in that industry…) and then everyday for the month of March. After that, I never wore skintone stockings again, but kept these around because I am a pack rat / they were in good condition / etc etc.

ANYWAY, once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to pick your design.

So, fangirl that I am, I decided to make Dong Bang Shin Ki stockings for my first pair. I chose a font and used the kanji for Tohoshinki (because this I understand and I like their Japanese releases better) for their name. I decided to add ‘always keep the faith’ (JaeChun’s infamous matching tattoo) to the other leg. So I formatted those in Photoshop using a font I liked and printed it on a single sheet of paper.

I cut those out. Using masking tape, I taped them on where I wanted them to show up on my stockings, so I’d be sure they wouldn’t move. The tutorial I linked used an ordinary fine point Sharpie (and warned of having to re-color after several washes) so I decided to try mine with Rub-a-Dub Sharpie aka The Laundry Marker.

I carefully pulled the stockings on (if you’re not careful, you run the risk of ruining your stockings before you even start). From there it’s all a matter of tracing! I went over the lines twice, just to be sure, and removed them some five minutes after writing (since I didn’t want all that hard work tracing and bending my body to go to waste, haha! The design on my ankle in particular was hard to trace because of the font and the way it went around my leg.

Anyway, I removed them, had them washed to see if they’d bleed out or fade, etc and they came back in one lovely unfaded piece.  

Et voila, my Tohoshinki Tattoo Stockings:

I am now in possession of unique (albeit extremely fangirly) stockings for the price of a Rub-A-Dub Sharpie  (Php 54.75 at National Book Store)

And here is the result, worn:

Hype on Lookbook?

I’ll be making more on different colored tights (will probably use stencils on some, since the opacity will differ). Yay to DIY! Hope you guys liked this post,



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