It’s A Magical Place: Hong Kong Disneyland

So I’m finally going to write my Hong Kong Disneyland entry after…. three years.

We took the MTR to Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland has it’s own train and station, did you know? The Disneyland Resort Station is your transportation to the land of magic.

Take the MTR and get off at Sunny Bay Station. From there, switch to the Disneyland Resort Line.

The train is where the magic begins, with Mickey Mouse shaped windows, golden Disney character statues

26397_384280155981_6871285_n Family photo in front of Hong Kong Disneyland! As this entry is three years late, my college “parents” are actually now married. (This is where I’d insert the ‘I’m old’ cry)

Wherein we get to the magical place and Paco goes to sleep. 😐 The rest of us were busy taking photos and–I’d like to say we were planning how to explore Disneyland, but we were just chilling.

(Our game plan ended up being: TAKE PHOTOS WITH ALL THE MASCOTS!!!)

I adored this street in Disneyland. This shop in particular had beautiful Disney Princess  display figurines.

 Cute and crazy expensive keychains.

I love the vintage feel of the place, what can I say?

Straight ahead is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. This is where you’ll find the Disney Princess, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy if you want to take pictures. (We did. Waited in line, too. AND came back after lunch to catch the others. HAHA! We were all Disney babies and I guess the fact that “Real Life” was looming back home (we took this trip a couple of weeks before graduation) made us more hyper than usual and determined to hold on to our childhood.)


DSC_7080I loved the little Disney details scattered around the place.

To the left is Tomorrowland, to the future!


Tomorrowland is where you’ll find Buzz Lightyear, if you feel like mascot hunting.

We had lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall. 26397_384364405981_2562907_n

So, so gorgeous.  I kind of want this for my own castle in the future. HA!

Mickey Mouse shaped pizza! This costs 50HKD (:|) so I just took a picture.

We spent most of our time in Tomorrowland and in the Sleeping Beauty castle area, chasing mascots.


The group with Belle! I think we were a bit of a hassle for the people in line because we’d take a solo shot for each person, then a group shot around four times, one for each camera we had.

Then we watched the Disney Parade.

Classic Disney Film Reel.

After the parade, we watched the Golden Mickeys.



Then headed down to It’s A Small World. Aside from mascot hunting, my favorite part/ride in Disneyland Hong Kong was this one. It’s a simple canoe ride through a doll museum. And what a gorgeous doll museum it is.



Dolls of the world.31095_392620240981_1226988_n

Dolls of Disney movies! Jungle Book.31095_392614265981_5185457_nToy Story 2.

31095_392620265981_6298299_nThe Little Mermaid.




My favorite doll exhibit was actually Peter Pan, but I wasn’t able to get a decent shot since the canoe was moving + the display was moving, there was an extremely low chance of getting a shot that wasn’t blurred. The Peter Pan dolls hung from the ceiling and were flying around the moon.


Carousel! (This was taken at night.. we just kept going back to the same places, since Hong Kong Disneyland is small and all the rides are for kids, haha)

We ended the night watching the fireworks go off behind Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, looking at the gift shops… and walking behind these girls on the way back to the train:


(They didn’t get any hugs. :()

And now I shall end this post with some of our mascot photos: 


Hugging Pooh bear!
DSC_7056Minnie flirting with Paco! Haha Look, he even made her foot pop.


I was going in for a normal photo when Pluto did this. I should probably be flattered? Pluto was by far the “friendliest”. He even waved goodbye to us when our group left, even when there were people in line.

Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely a magical place. I had the most fun here–we were in Ocean Park the previous day, and while Ocean Park had more rides and games for all ages (and was much, much bigger), this had a more magical, amazing feel to it. I guess growing up on Disney VHS tapes really makes the difference. 🙂


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