[Book Review] Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Is It Just Me?
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can’t believe it’s March already. Where did all the time go?

First off, I picked up this book because it was repeatedly requested by several people in an ebook community. When a copy was finally shared, the response was astounding. So I thought, well, this must be hilarious, then?

I trudged through the first half of this book from January to February. I didn’t find it funny up until the latter half–and I only got to the feeling of ‘wait I want to read a bit more’ whenever I read this in the comfort of our… powder room. Ahem.

Miranda Hart shared memorable experiences throughout her life–quirky, yes, but I’m not that big of a fan of schadenfreude–and that’s what most of the stories were, just spun into quirky humor. Those ‘I can’t believe that happened so glad it’s not me’ situations. But, dear reader chum, I’m sure it’s not just Miranda. Yeah, she’s 6 feet tall and a pigeon mistook her as a lamppost but hey, I walked to the corner store three minutes from my house one day and a bird shat on my knee on the way there. The odds of it happening, the trajectory, the timing–surely, things like these all happen to us in some degree at some point? Life is full of embarrassing and ‘wtf’ situations.

The book’s final chapter moved on to an inspiring road, about following your dream, being true to yourself and how Miranda is finally living her dream–and with a quick observation that celebrities who seemingly live perfect lives don’t. We all know that, but in the context of the chapter.. is she somehow hinting that her life-slash-fulfilling her dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Or is that reading too much into it, that she only wrote that bit at the end to compare her luxuries (she can act ‘silly’ because she’s a comedienne) with those of celebrities (who can not because they have to maintain a specific image)? I’m reading too much into it, you say? Is it just me?

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2 thoughts on “[Book Review] Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

    1. I’m probably not either, based on the time it took me to read this. It’s interesting though, because a lot of the people who have the same book tastes I do devoured this. Our humor is either really different… or you have to have watched Miranda first and liked her/her show for you to truly appreciate this.


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