[Book Review] Shit Girls Say

Shit Girls Say. Kyle Humphrey, Graydon SheppardShit Girls Say by Kyle Humphrey, Graydon Sheppard by Kyle Humphrey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a coffee table book that you can finish in five minutes. I found it hilarious and I love the artistic direction/concepts the authors made use of for the photographs the book. The book is made up of photos with ‘Shit Girls Say’ incorporated into each piece. Each photo is either witty (ie ‘I like a guy to smell like a guy, you know’ superimposed into a tube of deodorant) or will make you smile—and that can go two ways, from the ultimately silly to something more wistful and raw as they delve into little nuances girls often say to address insecurity without saying anything outright.

I read an epub version, and as a girl and photographer, I would love a hard copy of this displayed in my future place.

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