[DIY] when boredom becomes productivity

The internet and books couldn’t sate my boredom today–and I’d already cooked–so I decided to take out one of my craft projects. I pulled out my old fabric from the depths of the place known as ‘under-my-bed’ to make some fabric rosettes. Then I used that to make a necklace.


First, you’ll the following to need to make rosettes:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Super glue or a glue gun

To make a necklace, you’ll need:

  • Finished rosettes
  • Fabric (to glue your rosettes on)
  • Chain

If you want your necklace to be the kind that opens and closes, instead of something you wear over your head, you’ll also need:

  • Necklace clasp&lock
  • Pliers


My fabric is something I just found around the house one day and decided to keep because of the colors.

The chain I bought in Wellmanson’s, for around P65 for 8 meters; the locks for around P30 for 20 sets. E-6000 is P52 for that size at Deovir.

To make the rosettes, I followed the tutorial here. Since I used a different kind of fabric, my rosettes turned out more like swirly lollipops, haha. Once I got bored of twisting and gluing and had enough colors and sizes to play around with, I placed the rosettes on a piece of fabric and moved them around until I was satisfied with how it looked.

Then, I glued them on the fabric using E-6000. This way left tiny gaps that showed the white fabric underneath, which I did not like, so I pushed and stuck the rosettes together using a glue gun. While it dried, I cut the fabric around the rosettes so it wouldn’t be visible in front.

I then measured how long I wanted the necklace to be, cut the chain accordingly and added the clasp and lock on each end.

I placed the center of the chain on top of the fabric. I used a glue gun over the chain and up the sides and covered this with another piece of fabric to lock the chain in place.

Let dry.




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