[DIY] Easy Earring Holder


The thing with leaving things for later is that you may never get around to doing them. And in this digital age, your hard drive could suddenly crash and all your previous files will be gone.

The latter has happened to me once before, and I’ve learned to keep all my important files and photos in a back-up external drive. What I didn’t have back-ups of, however, were photos of my recent DIY projects shot simply with my phone. And of course, it turned out that I’ve deleted the originals from my phone to make room for new photos.

Good thing I like talking to myself online, so some of them managed to survive via twitter.

Here’s my post on how to make a DIY earring holder–using recycled materials (posting here two months after I made it. Whoops).

I used to store my earrings in a couple of boxes–but being the lazy dresser that I am, I rarely open the box to rifle through the earrings inside. Too much effort to unearth the box then look for earrings then return it, I say. I usually just pick a staple-go-with-any-outfit silver or diamond earring from my plastic holder (seen on left of photo).


In an effort to actually try to use these earrings that I buy-and-never-use, I decided to make an earring holder. This, hopefully, would be displayed like my plastic holder and it wouldn’t be a hassle to dig through my dresser anymore just to find these earrings, nor would I need to go through that again when returning them (when all I want to do is crash in bed).

Most earring holders I’ve seen on Pinterest use wire mesh (which I do not have at home and I don’t really want to spend on anything!) and a frame.

I used:

  • An old gift box cover (my substitute for a photo frame); if I remember correctly, it used to house a bath and body set.
  • An old pair of tights
  • Glue gun


1. Clean your materials–wipe down the cover, wash the tights. If using a gift box cover, cleanly remove transparent plastic in the middle.

2. Cut the tights to fit the now-empty space. For the tights, I used a pair I’ve only worn once. I cut around the ankle area, and that piece of cloth was more than enough to cover the middle. Keep in mind that you’ll stretch out the material, so you really don’t need a big piece of cloth.

3. Use a glue gun to stick the fabric. Remember to go all around the cover/frame and to stretch out the fabric!

4. Cut the excess fabric.* And you’re done!

*NOTE: If doing the optional steps bellow for dangling earrings, DO NOT CUT EXCESS FABRIC YET.




Easier to see what designs I buy multiples of too… oops.

Now that solved the problem for my stud earrings, but what about my dangling ones? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

For this, you will need:

  • Ribbons (or any strong string-type material, like shoelaces)
  • Hooks or pushpin-hooks

This is where my boohoo tale of lost step-by-step photos come in. I only have a photo of the finished product.

1. Cut the ribbons or one shoelace into small pieces. I used six cut-up pieces, with every pair the same lengthΒ (I used a prior-to-this-unused shoelace because I have a box full of unused shoelaces… they were cheap and I used to wear Chuck Taylors all the time but in the end got too lazy to switch laces every day.. hahaha I AM A HOARDER OKAY I KNOW, I ACCEPT THIS).

2. Tie the hooks or put the hooks through the ribbons or shoelace. I used pushpin-hooks available at the dollar store, so all I had to do was push out the pushpin, and I got plastic hooks with holes in them. Pretty nifty! Then all I had to do was put the shoelaces through them.

3. Glue them on at various lengths at the bottom (back part) of your earring holder. I opted to do this, in a V formation, since I was keeping the base the earrings came on (not all my dangling earrings are hooked–meaning I wouldn’t have a place to put the ones that closed with studs if I just used hooks, so I decided to keep the earring base they came with), and having them all at the same height would make it cramped / wouldn’t fit them all.


Pin or screw the hooks directly at the bottom of your earring holder (remember: this will depend on the frame you used!).

4. Glue (using a glue gun) the other ribbon/shoelace on both ends of the top of your earring holder. Glue the excess fabric over that for added security.

5. Let it dry, then test whether your item holds up. If it does, you’re good to go.

6. Cut the excess fabric, and add your earrings!


It’s holding up amazing so far–it’s been two months since I made it, and nothing’s fallen off yet. AND I’VE BEEN USING MY EARRINGS. \o/


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