{Product Review} Ellana Minerals Light Roast / Butter Rum Coffee Blush Duo

I discovered Ellana Minerals by accident. I was enjoying the fruits of my first paycheck from my new place of employ when I chanced upon their beautiful display in The Ramp, TriNoma. I was under the impression that the display was by a foreign brand. They were next to e.l.f. AND their display was simply stunning, a white boudoir that showcased their products.

And in that beautiful white display, all open and free for testing, were mineral make-up cases. Including concealer. Once I spotted it, I think my brain simultaneously had a mental party at finally finding mineral concealer in the Philippines (my favorite and staple concealer is from Everyday Minerals, that I have to ask relatives and/or friends abroad to get for me) and began harnessing fear that I might not have a close match. But more about that in a separate post; today I’m here to talk about their Bronzer/Highlighter duo.

In the Philippines, if the first thing girls hear about bronzer is that it makes your face is tanner, they immediately don’t consider buying it. In a country where white =/= beautiful, what would they ever do with a bronzer? This faulty logic is often the cause for this amazing make-up item to be ignored (and in turn, becomes one of the reasons that it’s become so hard to find a good selection of bronzer, locally. To sell much of anything that will just result in loss is still a loss. Most make-up outlets in the Philippines only have one to three shades, if even that).

Bronzer can be used to contour, shape your face. To make your face appear thinner and more defined. You can also use it as a blush, to make your face appear warmer.

This Ellana product was an impulse buy, since I didn’t have a decent bronzer / highlighter and it was affordable at P450, so why not.


Ellana Minerals Light Roast / Butter Rum Coffee Blush Duo’s packaging is thin, lightweight, and pretty. It’s one of my favorite points about it–it fits easily in any drawer or any make-up bag.


You’ve got the ingredients listed at the back and what each color is for.

TIP: Remember to choose a bronzer shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin. Don’t go too dark (in a mistaken effort that darker = face will appear slimmer faster). It’s a very common mistake for Filipino make-up newbies (and some salesladies, sad to say)  to look like floating heads in their effort to look whiter, and using a bronzer that’s more than two shades darker than your skin will have the same effect in the other end of the color spectrum.

To apply bronzer, use a brush and spread under the apples of your cheeks. You can suck your cheeks in and apply upwards, to the temples. This is usually how I do mine, for light make-up days–even out skin tone, contour then conceal.

For more detailed contouring, you can apply bronzer  down the sides of your nose (to give the illusion of a slimmer nose), under your cheekbones, your jawline, and around your forehead.

Apply highlighter where the light normally touches your face. That is, in the middle of your forehead, the middle of your nose, under your eyes, middle of your chin.

Here’s an image I refer to when I need to do a full-on face.20140607_150524

Light Roast / Butter Rum Coffee Bronzer + Highligter duo in action! I only applied bronzer under the cheeks and up to the temple and then highlighter under the eyes. It’s still strong after 2 hours.  It looks like I actually have defined cheekbones.


  • It’s mineral
  • It’s made in the Philippines
  • Color is well suited for my skintone (warm)
  • Amazing quality for an affordable price
  • Stays on for around 4 hours
  • Packaging is pretty and easy to travel with


  • The product has a tendency to get a bit messy in the case. More so because the case is white.
  • That’s it.


Yes, definitely!


You can check out more Ellana products on their website. Their items are available for shipping and if you reach a certain amount, they’ll include a bunch of samples for you to try!


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