[LVDJ] Bullets, Spending Habits, and Books

I have a tag on my LJ that goes ‘bullets make things concise’, mostly used when I wanted to talk about a variety of things that may or may not be connected and didn’t want to flood people by making several entries.

I am going to use that tactic here, just because.

shoes kicks sneakers SM North
KICKS, P299.75/pair, get 2 for P399.75

1 Recently, my spending habits are starting to disappoint me. The Impulse! Buy-It-Now! power in me is strong, likely unleashed after 23 years of controlling it. I need to remind myself that just because I can afford it now, doesn’t mean I need it, and that just because it’s a good deal, doesn’t mean I have to take it and it doesn’t. mean. I. need. it.

The other day, I signed up for a BDJ Box, telling myself that, in exchange, I won’t buy any other beauty product for 6 months and make do with the (hopefully good, quality, and useful) items they’ll have in the boxes.

On one hand, P3,300 or P580 a month is definitely within my allocated Beauty Product budget range per month. On the other hand, when I spend for cosmetics, I usually get the items I want, and my money will be well spent (compared to the boxes, where I probably will not end up using half the products D:). I’ll probably do make-up trades or giveaways, we’ll see.

Yesterday, I went to the mall to get PanOxyl and left with: PanOxyl, two sneakers, five  books (three for my cousin, one because I remembered a friend when I saw it, so I got it, and myself because I felt strange not buying a book for myself(!)), and a pair of eyebrow scissors.

I really need to control my urges better. 😦

2 Especially my book urges. Spending for books is probably the only thing I’m not cautious about,  mostly because you get so much from books. You learn. You go on an adventure, travel to the strangest places, meet people, understand characters, and so much more.

But I seriously need to stop buying anything new until I finish these unread (or started but haven’t finished) books.

Books I bought during my first job (2011) that I still haven't read.
Books I bought during my first job (2011) that I still haven’t read.
Bookhaul from Chapter IX bookstore (except for the Lamott book, which I found in Booksale)
Bookhaul from Chapter IX bookstore (except for the Lamott book, which I found in Booksale), 2014
Chapter IX Bookhaul part 2, except for Animorphs (Booksale) and Dickens (NBS Warehouse Sale2013)
Chapter IX Bookhaul part 2, except for Animorphs (Booksale) and Dickens (NBS Warehouse Sale 2013)
Filipino lit down to P50 each at the NBS Warehouse Sale 2013. Eros Pinoy sold for P150--you can still find it at NBS for P800
Filipino lit down to P50 each at the NBS Warehouse Sale December 2013. Eros Pinoy sold for P150–you can still find it at NBS for P800
ned vizzini stieg larsson
Most recent buys, 2014. Vizzini in February, The Girl Who Played with Fire June 2013, Hornet’s Nest yesterday


And I’ve still got tons of e-books on my Kindle. So. Uhm.

I read multiple books at the same time, since I turned into someone who reads depending on her mood. I should stick to one and finish, I know. /scolds attention span

3 I’ve been thinking about how uncategorized this blog is, and if I should organize it by making sub-blogs – one for beauty and fashion, one for book reviews.

But who am I kidding. I won’t be able to consistently update a Beauty and Fashion blog. 8D So I’ll keep this blog as is, with specific tags for Beauty. My book reviews will all also be at Goodreads, but I will still be posting book reviews here, just more of a different tone / approach. I’m thinking my reviews Goodreads will be more objective, while I’ll be free as a bird to discuss my feelings while reading, the personal impact of the book, and opinions here.

In short, nothing’s really going to change. Ha. Ha. I like having everything in one place. It feels more like myself. Even if I know that not subdividing this blog will be a turn-off for potential readers and/or followers who are only looking for one things (oooh that sounds like something else) and not the other.

I hope at least a few of you, if you are only here for a beauty review or a book review, can fully use the tags and categories I’ve been sorting the entries in. You can access both Beauty and Book Reviews in the menu at the top of my blog, and all other categories at my sidebar, under the ads.


4 I attended the Blogger’s Press Conference of 1st Ko si 3rd, an official entry to this year’s Cinemalaya Film Festival, yesterday. More on the event and the movie soon.

iced coffee macaroon cafe Mrs. Grahams Tomas Morato
Iced Coffee at Mrs. Graham’s at the 1stKoSi3rd Presscon



5 Let me leave you with this video of Colbie Calliat’s new single, Try.

(And yes, I know she isn’t completely barefaced at the end. It’s still a nice message. Though, it could just be me, but I, personally, since I was introduced and taught how to wear make-up, I find that I can’t feel as confident without it anymore.)

6 Right now, my hair is red and I’m thinking about switching to ombre (red-pink) then going pastel pink. Thoughts?



All photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S5 camera.


2 thoughts on “[LVDJ] Bullets, Spending Habits, and Books”

  1. Oh, us LJ users and our bulletpoints.

    Book urges….why is it so hard to avoid temptation? I have a couple of books from years ago that I have yet to read. But I have a tendency to read more recently bought books, than the older ones. >.> Must stop buying as well, until I finish all the leftover books i have stashed somewhere.

    Yeah, asa lang… =))

    Btw, Love in the Time of Cholera is a nice read. 😀


    1. IT IS SO HARD TO FIGHT TEMPTATION 😦 ESPECIALLY BOOK TEMPTATION BECAUSE I HAVE NO WILL TO FIGHT AGAINST IT AT ALL 😦 We should make a deal to stop buying, Christa. Tapos may manlilibre pag di napigilan, or something. HAHA

      My problem now is pag wala ako sa mood, I don’t read. Pero pag nasa mood, I can’t put the book down orz Even if I force myself to read at least an hour a day, my mind wanders if wala ako sa mood 😦

      Also, how are you? Let’s catch up soon! Also let’s attend some blogger events? Haha


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