Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe

Yes, there is a macaron cafe in Quezon City! Shame on me for not knowing this existed.

Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe is a quaint, lovely decorated cafe, full of delicate touches and pastel colors, in the quiet Sct. Rallos street, just a little hop and skip away from the hustle and bustle of Tomas Morato Avenue.

Displ DisplayLace and fine china, wooden tables painted white, and felt centerpieces tie in with the cafe’s theme of delicacy.


Touches of pastel give life to the simple white and black interiors, with pastel colored photo frames adorning the walls, block letters of the store’s name in the same color palette, felt flowers in pots (one color per table) as table centerpieces, and these unique macaron chandeliers.

Mrs Grahams Interior 1

Mrs Grahams Interior 2A tiny corner store sits next to the counter, where handmade trinkets and novelty papers and art materials like calligraphy pens, washi tape, and DIY stamps are sold.

Mrs Graham's Macaroon Cafe with inmidnights and Vian Serranilla
Photo by RJ Agustin

The cozy cafe seats around fifteen people inside, with a couple more tables out front. The staircase (seen in a few photos here) sadly, does not lead to another floor of this quaint cafe.

Macarons 2

Mrs Grahams Interior 3

Mrs. Graham’sΒ offersΒ macarons, coffee (iced, blended, and warm), cupcakes (check out the interesting flavors) and cake. Yum yum.

Cookie Dough

NAMEEven the way they serve the food ties in with the decor of the place, as they come served in a tray. (Felt flowers in photo is the table centerpiece and doesn’t come withΒ the tray. :P)


Oh and P.S. They have some of your childhood games (snakes and ladders, those ring games with water, jenga, and so on) for you to play with. πŸ˜‰


Do drop by for a visit if you’re looking for a picturesqueΒ cafe to try in QC!


All photos (except the one taken by RJ) were taken on a Samsung Galaxy S5 camera.



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