[Throwback] Planner Post, January 2009

This was a post I originally made on organizers, a locked LiveJournal community for planners/organizers, January of 2009.

It’s interesting, refreshing, to look back and see the person I was then–both through my planner, how I designed it, what I was reading then, and the way I wrote.


Hello, first post.
Jerica, 19, college student, Philippines, and a Starbucks planner.

the outside, in case anyone was interested.
my friends tell me the design at the bottom right corner is a woman drinking coffee.
i.. can’t see it.

a marker that comes with the planner.
it’s kind of long and annoying.
i feel like it’s going to get ripped out when i take my planner from my bag one day.

stickers *__*
i got a whole pack for $0.25 :Dv

i can’t draw to save my life.
so i ask my friends who can to do so for me. 8Db
unfinished, as of now.

i watched a play about the first pig in heaven.
one of my university’s theater orgs adapted it from a children’s book.
also, some supersampler fail. that peace sign was actually supposed to be L-O-V-E.

first week.
my cousins arrived this week. ♥
i only get to see them once a year, which is sad because it always gets crazy and random when we’re together.

first week back in school.
a discussion in philosophy made me realize i have nothing planned for the future.
also, international political economy readings are stressful..when you’re 80 pages behind.
my cousin’s left this week 😦

names in sky blue after dates are lovely people celebrating birthdays.
blue is org work and red are things due that day.
the week of our Theology Report. our group was the first one to present D:
we got a pretty good grade for the first ones up the chopping block though.

Old Cinderella sticky notes that I got for around $0.20.
(yeah, they’re cheaper than the stickers)

i didn’t go on LJ for 3 days this week. that is a feat pour moi.
i finished Smiling Pasta, a Taiwanese drama, this week too.
and the dreadful International Political Economy midterms.

I love getting letters in the mail :3
also, the first time i went to school but cut both my classes for no apparent reason. S:

this week.
sometimes i forget to check things i’ve accomplished.
i didn’t have classes on thursday! ❤

something i found on the local newspaper.

and that’s it.
thank you for looking ♥


Now why did I just show my 2009 planner to the world? If you’ve noticed, I like decorating my planner. For the last four years, I’ve been making do with the planners that will meet my requirement of having enough room to write my daily tasks, birthdays, and deadlines on, but will still have enough space for decorations, are affordable, and are simple enough to still be able to decorate on (this eliminates 80% of the planners currently on the market, especially those with colored pages, or barely have any space to write on). My favorites so far are the Starbucks 2008 planner (each page only had 2 days each, though it had the downside of having too much empty space during summer break) and the Starbucks 2009 (this was perfect for me).

I didn’t fare too well, after graduation, with Starbucks 2010’s column layout, couldn’t maintain Filed 2012, since it was more a coloring journal and the images were so cool already without me ruining them (I used the Starbucks 2012 as a writing idea journal, since the spaces per day were too small to fit daily tasks in) and  Witty Will Save The World Co.’s Diary Ko ‘To, Do Not Read 2013 planner – it was too witty for me aka it was already funky and funny, and while I loved it, the humor didn’t jive with how I design my days. Also, let’s face it, I was in a Very Dark Place a good part of that year.  I used the Starbucks 2013 to document what I wore to work HAHA IDEK). I get the Starbucks Planner every year mostly because I’m addicted to their Toffee Nut Frappe (one of their I-only-come-out-at-Christmas-season! drinks) and I binge on it when the Christmas drinks are out. ;A;

ANYWAY THIS LONG WINDED POST, TL;DR WAS BASICALLY JUST TO SAY: I decided earlier this year, annoyed at the heaviness of the 2014 Starbucks planner, the fact that there’s only a limited number of items I can paste on it before the magnet won’t seal, and (this gripe I’ve had with all my planners)  that  I waste some pages while some days barely have enough space to contain the day’s events, I would make my 2015 Planner.

Without printing hundreds of pages  or ordering to have it made online or printed and mailed, as most DIY planner tutorials I’ve seen do.

I’ve already started it and am pretty happy with the result. I’ll share it here once I’ve hammered out how I want January and February to look like, so you can see a part of it fully finished.

Do you use a planner / organizer? Tell me about it~


4 thoughts on “[Throwback] Planner Post, January 2009”

  1. I looooooove your blog layout. *_* And you already know I use planners so I’ll just list the ones I remember:

    2006 – Ateneo planner my friend gave me when I passed AdMU
    2007 – this HUGE (as in, bond paper huge) eternal planner with colorful pigs on the cover. Vertical layout.
    2010 – Starbucks planner, the one that looked like wood, dali masira
    2013 – regular green weekly Moleskine, horizontal layout (for work) AND a white Starbucks planner (personal stuff). Bigat no?
    2014 – tiny red daily Moleskine

    The other years in between, I most probably used Moleskine haha. I’ve tried the daily and weekly (horizontal, and the one with a notepage on one side) and all the different sizes.

    With all that I’ve tried, I still can’t decide what I like best. :))


    1. I have no idea how you managed to lug around a bond paper size planner, haha! Kahit malaki yung bag ko nung college, I had so much random things inside, parating mabigat.

      It just means you’re flexible with your planners :Db Ang arte ko lang, haha, gusto ko it will more than fit my needs. Can’t believe the original post was 5 years ago. Where did the time go. 😮

      Oh, oh, I subscribed to BDJ Box pala!


      1. I used to bring a backpack in college! Stupid P.E. stuff haha. Though I don’t regret the P.E. subjects I took, I like all of them and the one I hated initially (swimming) stuck to me the most. I don’t tap dance or tai chi or use arnis now but I swim haha

        Ohh review na lang on your blog! I don’t subscribe to beauty boxes kasi I have to be picky with what goes on my skin anyway; fragranced stuff dapat nga hindi na e. It’s sad 😦


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