your heart is empty and you’re so cold.

1 Here is a preview of my DIY planner, made purely from office and craft supplies I have accumulated over the years: DIY Planner Preview by Inmidnights

2 book quotesThis is me, attempting to make things to stuff my planner with. My penmanship was never legible, WHY DO I EVEN TRY.

3  Begin Again with J and D last Saturday. Hmm. I liked it. It’s not the kind of movie I would watch in a theater, though, I think.

I am still feeling weird and displaced despite the fact that I see my friends fairly often and the fact that we have group chats to update each other of random things happening now.  I know part of it is my own fault, with my aversion to texting and talking about things that matter. So I am trying. I tried last Saturday.

It was okay. D and J and I had a good talk about life, careers, dreams, and how it’s been four years out of university. That kind of talk usually doesn’t come out without alcohol or a sleepover, so it was nice. Honest. Four years since college, Jesus.

Still feeling weird and displaced. Displaced. It’s such a strange word to describe what I’m feeling, really, like I’m an object. I guess lost would be a better word? But I don’t really feel lost. I feel grounded.

Except. Displaced.


4 I am currently watching Teen Wolf. I’m almost done with Season 2 and, well, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Dylan O’Brian helps. Like. A lot.

Also Sterek.



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