Thank you, Fully Booked!


This is only the second time I have won something from a random draw ever, so HELL YES.  (Not that anyone’s interested, but the first one was a year ago at an event; I won a mobile phone. Still not sure if luck or if they just really, really wanted to land my company of employ at the time as a  full-time client haha)

Anyway, this time I joined #top10forLucy,  Fully Booked’s 4 Year Anniversary promo. The contest was simply to post a photo of 10 books – books you recommend,  books you want to read, whatever floats your boat, as long as it was 10 – 12 books.

I did 10 books that found me at the right time, from age 9 – 24, inspired by this Neil Gaiman quote:

“Stories that you read when you’re the right age never quite leave you. You may forget who wrote them or what the story was called. Sometimes you’ll forget precisely what happened, but if a story touches you it will stay with you, haunting the places in your mind that you rarely visit.” –M is for Magic

I only found out about this contest a day before the final deadline, so before I went to bed, I busted out my scrapbook papers, jewelry box, and charm kit. I’ve been reading up on product styling for Etsy (I do want to improve the photos I post on my blog and IG) and here was my first attempt.
Books, inmidnights, books that found me at the right time, flowers for algernon, the little prince, the secret lives of people in love, night, the girl with the dragon tattoo, a room with a view, american gods, harry potter, confessions of a mask

Happy enough about my styling effort (I’ve a long way to go, I know, but hey – it’s not that bad for 11 PM photos taken on my bed with a single lamp!), my book selection and the fact that my history with random draws equated to 1 win in 23 years of raffle entries, I  just enjoyed how this photo looked on my feed. HAHA

Anyway, a week later, Lucy (Fully Booked’s digital persona) contacted me to tell me I was one of the 5 winners of the promo!!!

And now here I am, with 10 books from Fully Booked 😀 I knew the books were going to be pretty random, and I’d be happy with whatever (because books!) but I did hold out hope to get a Gaiman book that I don’t already own (any of the Sandman compilations- not gonna happen in a giveaway, I know; or any of his children’s books that isn’t The Graveyard Book). AND I DID 😀 😀 😀 ♡♡♡

The loot from Fully Booked.

I’m going to talk a bit more about the Gaiman book I got because holy shit. That speech inspired me a lot when it came out, gave me motivation to write, pursue what I wanted to do in life again. And now I have it in book form. When I saw that on the title list, any doubts about the win being a fluke flew from my head – my immediate thought upon seeing it was : YES, THIS WIN (& BOOK PILE) WAS MEANT FOR ME.

I got a chance to peek at the other bundles (including myself, 5 winners won 10 books each) over the Customer Service counter, and they’re different per person. I wonder if this is all random or if the stock they pre-selected to give-away were matched further after they selected the winners, based on the books they posted. Because that would be really kind of cool. I got quite a bit of magic, mystery, suspense, and stories set during difficult (war, depression era, etc) times, which basically make up a good chunk of my library. The other half are YA novels (cackles), and hey look I’ve got a Divergent book there. Kind of makes me wish I claimed the first three for posting the most book reviews at the Pinoy forum a couple of years ago. ALSO I WASN’T GIVEN ANY CHIC-LIT HAHAHAHA GOOD JOB. I can only tolerate Helen Fielding and Meg Cabot, I think anyone who has been through my blog or Goodreads has figured this out.

2 Speaking of books, I finally finished Sex with Kings last week. I’ll post a review after I’m done with my deadlines, and once I’ve curbed my urge to rant. Hopefully, it’ll be up before next week. 

I contributed some re-purposed articles to Homes at Real Living Philippines recently, so if you’re so inclined, head on over and read/share! 🙂




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