For Mrs. Doubtfire, for Genie, for Professor Brainard, and for John Keating. Robin Williams, a man who gave so much laughter to me, (and to billions of others) during childhood, and who left me inspired when I was nearing my twenties after his portrayal of Keating, when I finally got to watch it in university.

I made this earlier, to remember today. To remember that not everyone who seems happy or is able to give others so much happiness, may be happy themselves.
wpid-2014-08-12-04.08.52-1.jpg.jpegSeize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.   – Dead Poets Society

I chose this quote in particular because it’s both an inspiration and reminds me of the man himself. He made people happy, he was a good actor, crossing genres. He made from his life more than one iota of what he was capable.

dead poets society robin williams typography

Nowhere near as nice as anything that will pop-up in the coming days and nothing like my friends’ work, who are true typography and calligraphy artists. This is, however, the most effort I’ve put into a handwritten typography piece (my patience being what it is), done in over two hours.

It’s the least I can do to remember this man and today (I use my planner as a planner / scrapbook / diary and have kept every single one since I began this tradition in ’08).


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