Going back to Hogwarts, breaking the rules, #ootd, and pet-friendly homes.

1 One oft spoken girl’s rule: never cut your own bangs.

I did it.

I’ve done it before (to a disastrous result) and other times – but just to trim, so those times weren’t as scary . This is the first time I really cut it, I think, since the first disastrous attempt.

Armed with 1 youtube video and three articles on how to cut your own bangs, I did it last night. I even used paper scissors because I am crazy that way.

Not perfect, obviously. HAHA  But okay enough. I like it. Maybe I’ll curl my hair sometime, if I wasn’t afraid of all the color disappearing.

Have you ever cut your own bangs? How’d it turn out?

2 OOTD two days ago:image

Instashop Full gray skirt with black mesh striped detail, gray sweater (with thumbholes!), Mario D ‘ Boro slip on heels

I really need to declutter my closet. I’ve got so much clothes that I don’t wear, but I keep – because they might be fashionable again, because I can wear them with something else, because I’ll fit into them again, because they’re from my mom/grandmother, because they’re from a good brand I usually can’t afford, because because because.

Made a pinterest board of my OOTDs. Everything that doesn’t make it here by October gets sold or donated.

3 Have another home article:

Spanish Colonial Interiors in A Pet-Friendly Four Storey Home


4 Ha! More than 3 bullet points today. I currently really love this song and video.


5 A post I made on September 1st ^-^Going back to Hogwarts


6 One day, I’ll get enough courage to write about things that matter. One day, I’ll get over my insecurity of not being smart enough, of feeling like I’m wrong all the time.

One day, I’ll actually write something here that makes me angry, makes me passionate, that means something, and not just to me – not just about my personal journey.

One day, I’ll find the me that existed four, five, six, seven years ago, the one who was able to write academically.

One day, I’ll write something here that isn’t useless and superficial.


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