{DIY} 2 Minute Personalized Headphones Design

It’s a lot easier to concentrate on tasks at hand without the hustle and bustle of the outside world (read: the sounds around your office). Unfortunately, we can’t all lock ourselves in our room to work, or stay late in the office at night / early in the morning when everyone has left / no one is in yet to enjoy peace and quiet. The coffee shop alternative, one of my favorites, is, however efficient, also a quick way to lose money.

A solution to this problem? A pair of noise-cancelling headphones. I  wanted to have a unique pair (and I was really trying to stop myself from buying these really cute headphones from Typo that would give me the same sound quality as a P250 one for P799) but didn’t want to spend too much since me and headphones / earphones? We don’t have a great history (read: I break them. The longest pair that lasted for me was about a year; I broke a really good Sennheisser pair in less than that, and before that I went through three Apple earphones).

An impromptu trip to 168 last Sunday got me this comfortable pair for only P300. The bass doesn’t drown out the vocals and I can listen to a capella songs in noise-cancelling peace.

Divisoria Loot

Unboxed, it’s of a shiny true red color with stainless silver in the middle. The top and earpieces are of soft faux leather.20140907_214959At first, I tried covering the handles in washi tape (you can see part of my attempt in the photo above). I taped horizontally, with an overlap per piece. I succeeded in making the handles look like a mummy. Two vertical strips over that rectified the mummy problem.

The real problem were the earpieces. I couldn’t find a way to neatly tape them up. If I didn’t, the original red and shiny silver stood as a  jarring contrast to the peach color I had my headphones taped up in. Designing them with Mod Podge and cut-out pieces were a no-go as well, since I wouldn’t be able to cover the earpieces without possibly damaging the device.

So it was back to scratch. I perused my tape bin, found a tape design that both worked nicely with the red color and that would lessen the chances of someone picking this up from my desk and keeping it forever.

I centered the tape (white fabric tape with floral designs from Saizen at 2 for 88) at the handle and taped my way over to the other side, only stopping to cut at the adjustable sections.

20140907_232105It turned out a lot better than my first mummy attempt! Haha.

Finished headphones in better lighting (sorry for the first few photos btw. I should stop being lazy with lighting D:)

Washi Taped Headphones
SumaspotifyFail selca! I took seven of these before I gave up – if the photo was clear, the headphones weren’t in it; if the headphones were in it, the photo was blurry. #MustLearnHowToBePatient

Anyway, the best thing about these is that I’m the only one who has them – and I can remove the design without damaging my headset. I can also add more embellishments on top of the tape if I want to 🙂

What craft projects have you made lately?


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