Day 5 of #100BloggingDays

It’s #100BloggingDays and I’m queueing some of these posts. It’s just more efficient if I write now, when I’ve got extra writing juice.

I’m currently taking a break from writing an article–taking a break from writing by writing, yes that is my life now! And I love it.

Also, I just finished a lettering design I actually really like-it’s currently one of my favorites from what I’ve finished, so yay! Literally just finished it, I’m declutteriing my brain so I can get back to writing professionally again, so I’m here. I’ll post it soon. I’m still thinking about how to photograph it, haha.

Meanwhile, have this instead:

Love on Top letteringPosted this on my IG a couple of days ago and a guy tagged his girlfriend in the comments. When I realized that it was a boy and he was tagging someone, I immediately melted. SO CUTE.

An hour later, the girl liked the post.

Random couple on IG, thank you for giving me the feels!! I was slightly annoyed at how this turned out since it was fine in pencil and pen, but when I started shading it, the marker bled–resulting in that really weird ‘R’ you see there. Just goes to show, even the crap you post on IG can make some stranger on the other side of the world smile.

Eclectic Starter Home

An Eclectic Industrial Starter Home. Space saver home is the artsy bomb.

3 Wreckless Love – Alicia Keys

so baby let’s go  have that wreckless love, that crazy love
that off-the-wall-won’t-stop-’til-I-get-enough kind of love
baby let’s go  have that wreckless love, that crazy love
that I-don’t-really-care-we-can-have-it-anywhere kind of love

4 Will try to work out thematic posts per day for the blog. There’ll definitely be a book-related theme (book reviews and store visits), beauty/fashion, personal, and maybe crafts/diy/lettering?

What do you guys think? Is there anything in particular you want to read/want me to post here? Let me know in the comments!


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